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Marketing strategy insights, conversational best practices and industry news

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What to Look for When Choosing a Chatbot Provider for Your Enterprise Business

Choosing the right chatbot provider is critical to conversational marketing success. For enterprise business, Spectrm offers a top-tier solution.
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Conversational Commerce: How E-Commerce Chatbots are Revolutionizing Online Shopping

Why are top e-commerce brands turning to conversational commerce? Results from personalization at scale no other digital marketing can offer.
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The 9 Most Important Conversational Marketing Chatbot KPIs For Success

Measure these chatbot marketing KPIs to improve your chatbot performance, campaign conversions, and ROI.
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Why You Should Be Leveraging Messenger Chatbots for your Facebook Messenger Ads in 2021

If you're marketing on Facebook Messenger, you should know the advantages of using a conversational marketing platform to build a Messenger bot.
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What Is Google Business Messages and How Can It Benefit Your Marketing

Google Business Messages is a new mobile channel to reach customers and drive business results at scale.
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2020 Instagram Usage Statistics & Trends

Get key Instagram statistics to fully unlock Instagram’s full potential as a marketing avenue and learn about exciting new advertising features!
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Facebook’s Unification Between Messenger and Instagram Explained

Everything you need to know about Facebook’s latest update unifying Messenger and Instagram.