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What You Need to Know About The Latest Facebook Messenger Update

Facebook announced major updates to the Messenger platform to drive more valuable conversations between businesses and people. Here's what you need to know.
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5 Conversational Marketing Best Practices To Convert Your Target Audience

Learn the 5 conversational marketing best practices to convert your target audience faster. Avoid messaging fatigue and increase your return on ad spend.
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Why Conversational Marketing Helps You Beat Ad Fatigue & Convert More Customers

Care about limiting ad fatigue, increasing return on ad spend and scaling your customer growth? Learn why conversational marketing helps achieve all three.

What Facebook’s Shift to a More Private Social Network Built Around Messaging Means For Your Marketing

Facebook announces the future of social is private at F8 Mark Zuckerberg announced “the future is private” at the keynote

Facebook Introduces Spectrm as Key Messaging Partner at f8 Developer Conference

This year marks Facebook’s 10th annual f8 conference and we’re excited to have been a part of it for the fourth

How brands damage customer relationships on Facebook

Good customer relationships are important for growing sales in any industry. For direct-to-consumer brands, they’re the lifeblood. Building relationships with

How leading Facebook brands fail to convert their customers

Messaging is one of the biggest marketing opportunities of the next 5-10 years yet fewer than 1% of brands leverage