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Why WhatsApp is a Must Have Channel for Consumer Brands

Consumers increasingly prefer to engage with brands by messaging on WhatsApp. Here are the stats showing why brands can't ignore the channel.
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4 Reasons Your Mobile Website Kills Your E-Commerce Conversions

Your mobile site may be decreasing e-commerce conversions. Here’s 4 reasons why.
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Why Marketers Don’t Need Custom Landing Pages to Personalize Post-Click Experiences

It’s no secret that personalization in marketing gets results. In fact, 90% of U.S. consumers find marketing personalization appealing. The question marketers ask themselves isn’t,
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7 Stats That Show The Future of Marketing Is Mobile & Customer-First

The future of marketing is mobile and customer-first. These 7 statistics point to why.
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Why Consumers Are Choosing Messaging To Engage With Brands in 2021

Consumers are messaging brands more than ever. Discover why and how to adapt your digital communication.
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1:1 Marketing Personalization Stats Every Marketer Needs to Know

Learn how marketers are implementing personalization to drive business growth.
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What Apple’s iOS 14 Privacy Updates Mean For Digital Advertisers

What are Apple's iOS 14 privacy updates exactly and how are they affecting digital marketers ability to accurate track and optimize campaigns?