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Marketing strategy insights, conversational best practices and industry news

Man and woman doing marketing

1:1 Marketing Personalization Stats Every Marketer Needs to Know

Learn how marketers are implementing personalization to drive business growth.
IDFA on iOS 14

What Apple’s iOS 14 Privacy Updates Mean For Digital Advertisers

What are Apple's iOS 14 privacy updates exactly and how are they affecting digital marketers ability to accurate track and optimize campaigns?
People addressing GDPR

4 Ways Declared Data Solves Privacy Challenges for Digital Marketers

Changes to privacy laws and tracking technologies are creating big challenges for digital advertisers. Here’s how declared data helps marketers overcome them.
Typing on Google

Google’s Business Messages Explained for Marketers: Use Cases, Features and Benefits

Google's Business Messages use cases, features, benefits, and key performance indicators.
Customers communicating on different devices

How to Improve Digital Communication With Customers to Drive Growth

Times have changed. Here’s how to improve your digital communication with customers to grow faster.
Man using chatbot on Messenger

The Marketer’s Guide to Facebook and Instagram Messenger Bots

Use cases, entry points, benefits and performance metrics for Messenger marketing chatbots on Facebook and Instagram.
Conversation with customers

Everything Marketers Need to Know About Using Conversational Display Ads

Learn the use cases, benefits, entry points, and KPIs of conversational display ads for driving marketing performance.