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Marketing strategy insights, conversational best practices and industry news

Karan Gupta: How to Build CRM That Will Scale Through Unification, Orchestration, and Personalization

Nationwide’s VP of Personal Lines Marketing on Providing Care at Scale Throughout the Customer Journey

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Say hi to the new Spectrm AI 👋🪄

Watching the Trends: The Positive Present and Tech-Filled Future of Marketing – Podcast with Erik Huberman

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The Latest Instagram Statistics & Trends in 2023

Increasing Confidence and Success in Consumer Marketing by Measuring Everything – Podcast with Aaron Zagha

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10 Easy Ways to Collect WhatsApp Business Opt-Ins & Tips to Increase Your Opt-In Rate 

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5 Chatbot Copywriting Strategies That Drive Conversions and Sales (With Examples)

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How Big Brands Can Anticipate Customers’ Needs and Meet Them with Personalization – Podcast With Leah Sushelsky

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Why Conversational Analytics is the Future of Data Collection in Digital Marketing

Is Your Brand Messaging Customers on WhatsApp? Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Be

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Shifting Influencer Marketing and How to Stay Relevant for a New Social Media Generation – Podcast with Alanna Marder

spectrm conversational ai

Conversational AI Platform Guide: Benefits, Trends & Choosing the Right One

podcast with cécile moser

The Omnichannel Approach to Consumer Marketing in the Digital Era – Podcast With Cécile Moser

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WhatsApp Business Statistics 2023: Why WhatsApp is a Must Have Channel for Consumer Brands

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Hannah Craik: The Value of Service Personalization in One to One Marketing – Podcast Episode

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Chatbot Use Cases That Work in eCommerce (With Enterprise Examples)

Messaging App Statistics: The Most Popular Messaging Platforms in 2023 & Beyond

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400 Marketers Gave Us These 7 Insights into Their Conversational Marketing Efforts

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How Marketers Can Unlock the Power of Conversational AI – Podcast With Arte Merritt