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Marketing strategy insights, conversational best practices and industry news

How to Take Part in Super Bowl Sunday: Tactical Advice from 3 Global Sports Marketers

podcast roundup article december blog image

Tactical Advice from Three Global Marketing Leaders on Future Marketing Trends

state of b2c customer retention report chart 31

5 Strategies Needed to Succeed in Your Retention Marketing Efforts

Campaign Studio blog image

Introducing the new Campaign Studio: Here’s how to re-engage customers on messaging channels in the holiday season 

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Advice From Global CRM Leaders to Help You With Your Retention Strategy

retention marketer report byline

5 Predictions to Help You Prepare for the Future of Retention Marketing

podcast roundtable article

Retention Marketing Challenges: Advice from CRM Marketers

state of b2c customer retention report chart 3

How to Leverage the Top Trends in Retention Marketing

customer retention tips

3 Customer Retention Tips From Global CRM Leaders You Can Easily Apply

state of b2c customer retention report chart 29

Private Messaging is the Future of Retention Marketing: Here’s How to Leverage the Channel

3 Essential Customer Retention Takeaways From Global CRM Leaders for 2023

retention marketer report byline

Top Challenges Retention Marketers Face and How They Can Improve

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Spectrm Secures $6.5 Million in Funding to Accelerate Next-Gen Conversational AI Engagement Platform 

spring release blog image showing the roi dashboard feature

Introducing the New Spectrm with Enterprise Messaging Capabilities and AI Tools

Gaz Alushi, President, Measurement and Analytics, Whalar on Consumer Marketing

Why Measurement Creates Better Consumer Marketing

Peter Klein, Vice President of Customer Growth and Retention at Ideal Living - Use Data to Answer Customer Questions

Use Data to Answer Customer Questions Before They Even Ask Them

Carl-Adam Markborn, the head of CRM at Voi Technology, on the importance of customer retention

Segmentation and Tailored Content: Key Strategies for Customer Retention from Voi Technology

iRobot’s Erin Bonsang on the Importance of Retention and Lifecycle Marketing

iRobot’s Erin Bonsang on the Importance of Shifting and Pivoting Quickly in Retention and Lifecycle Marketing

Kyle Webber, Director of Performance Marketing at Parachute Home on incrementality in B2C digital marketing

Incrementality in B2C Digital Marketing: How to Compare Channels for Better Results with Parachute Home’s Kyle Webber

Karan Gupta: How to Build CRM That Will Scale Through Unification, Orchestration, and Personalization

Tiffany Grinstead on providing care at scale throughout the customer journey.

Nationwide’s VP of Personal Lines Marketing on Providing Care at Scale Throughout the Customer Journey

Spectrm generative AI GPT integration blog image

Say hi to the new Spectrm AI 👋🪄

Erik Huberman, CEO & Founder of Hawke Media on marketing trends

Watching the Trends: The Positive Present and Tech-Filled Future of Marketing – Podcast with Erik Huberman

The Latest Instagram Statistics & Trends in 2024

Aaron Zagha, Chief Marketing Officer at Newton Baby on consumer marketing

Increasing Confidence and Success in Consumer Marketing by Measuring Everything – Podcast with Aaron Zagha

whatsapp business opt-in policy blog feature image

10 Easy Ways to Collect WhatsApp Business Opt-Ins & Tips to Increase Your Opt-In Rate 

chatbot copywriting strategies personalization statistics

5 Chatbot Copywriting Strategies That Drive Conversions and Sales (With Examples)

Leah Sushelsky, Director Of Communications and Public Relations at on customer needs

How Big Brands Can Anticipate Customers’ Needs and Meet Them with Personalization – Podcast With Leah Sushelsky

conversational analytics image

Why Conversational Analytics is the Future of Data Collection in Digital Marketing

Is Your Brand Messaging Customers on WhatsApp? Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Be

alanna marder podcast episode shifting influencer marketing

Shifting Influencer Marketing and How to Stay Relevant for a New Social Media Generation – Podcast with Alanna Marder

spectrm conversational ai

Conversational AI Platform Guide: Benefits, Trends & Choosing the Right One

Cécile Moser, Head of Marketing & Communication at Jelmoli on consumer marketing

The Omnichannel Approach to Consumer Marketing in the Digital Era – Podcast With Cécile Moser

WhatsApp Business Statistics 2024: Why WhatsApp is a Must Have Channel for Consumer Brands

Hannah Craik, Marketing Director at Riess on one to one marketing

Hannah Craik: The Value of Service Personalization in One to One Marketing – Podcast Episode

chatbot use cases blog feature image

Chatbot Use Cases That Work in eCommerce (With Enterprise Examples)

Messaging App Statistics 2024: The Most Popular Messaging Platforms & Beyond

b2c conversational marketing report program effectiveness chart

400 Marketers Gave Us These 7 Insights into Their Conversational Marketing Efforts

arte merritt power of conversational AI podcast episode image

How Marketers Can Unlock the Power of Conversational AI – Podcast With Arte Merritt

entertaining social content podcast with joe anhalt

Entertaining Social Content to Connect with Modern Consumers – Podcast With Joe Anhalt

chart about messaging a brand outside of customer support in US

Here are the Top 3 Ways Respondents want Brands to Use Messaging (Based on Data)

guided selling in eCommerce blog feature image

Guided Selling in eCommerce: Definition, Benefits & Best Practices

Spectrm Bot Platform Leader in G2 blog image

Spectrm Named a Bot Platform Leader in G2 Fall 2022 Report

zero party data zero vs first party data article

Zero Party Data: Definition, Importance, and Marketing Benefits

podcast episode with michael brandt reaching personalization at scale

Podcast Episode: Reach Personalization at Scale With Michael Brandt

podcast with stephan lukac

Combining Digital Acquisition Channels with Offline Experiences

whatsapp use cases to monetize your audience

Use Cases to Monetize Your Messaging Audience with WhatsApp

podcast with daniele sghedoni

Podcast with Daniele Sghedoni about Zero-Party Data and the Future of Marketing

chart about messaging with a company in the United States

Customer Expectations for Messaging with Brands

podcast episode samir cover

Scaling Purpose Driven eCommerce Brands with Samir Elkamouny

chart about messaging in the European Union and United States

Here Are 3 Steps to Better Conversational Commerce

instagram direct messages automation article image

How to Monetize Your Messaging Audience With Instagram Direct Message Automation 

social conversational commerce report blog article

Our Newest Report Found These 7 Stats on the State of Social Conversational Commerce

how to grow your audience on instagram

Grow Your Audience on Instagram Messaging with Entry Points

How to Grow Your Audience on WhatsApp with Entry Points

spectrm podcast episode with mackensie liberman

Podcast With Mackensie Liberman: Using Marketing Chatbots to Drive Engagement and Sales

rising customer acquisition costs article image with emojis

How to Fight Rising Customer Acquisition Costs in the Holiday Season with Messaging Audiences

grow your audience on messenger

How to Grow Your Audience on Messenger Using Different Entry Points

recurring notifications image

An Overview of Meta’s Recurring Notifications and Use Cases for Brands

Young women showing a Facebook Messenger icon

Click to Messenger Ads: Build One to One Customer Relationships in High Intent Moments

one to one conversational marketing podcast

Introducing One to One: the Conversational Marketing Podcast

illustration about conversational commerce platform

Conversational Commerce Platform in 2022: How to Choose the Right One for Your Business

woman getting keys to car

How Automotive Chatbots Are Bringing the Car Dealership Experience Online

whatsapp messaging illustration

WhatsApp Business Pricing Sends Clear Message: It’s Not SMS

Woman smiling while using phone (1)

4 Reasons Your Mobile Website Kills Your E-Commerce Conversions

Man smiling and talking on phone (1)

Why Marketers Don’t Need Custom Landing Pages to Personalize Post-Click Experiences

Woman on phone

7 Stats That Show The Future of Marketing Is Mobile & Customer-First

Happy women using smartphone

Why Consumers Are Choosing Messaging To Engage With Brands in 2021

Man and woman doing marketing

1:1 Marketing Personalization Stats Every Marketer Needs to Know

IDFA on iOS 14

What Apple’s iOS 14 Privacy Updates Mean For Digital Advertisers

People addressing GDPR

4 Ways Declared Data Solves Privacy Challenges for Digital Marketers

Customers communicating on different devices

How to Improve Digital Communication With Customers to Drive Growth

Man using chatbot on Messenger

The Marketer’s Guide to Facebook and Instagram Messenger Bots

Conversation with customers

Everything Marketers Need to Know About Using Conversational Display Ads

Christmas shopping

How Marketing Chatbots Can Combat Post-Holiday Budget and Ad Creative Challenges

Vector image of woman and checklist

What to Look for When Choosing a Chatbot Provider for Your Enterprise Business

man on phone holding cup

Conversational Commerce: How E-Commerce Chatbots are Revolutionizing Online Shopping

Man analyzing chatbot KPI (1)

The 9 Most Important Conversational Marketing Chatbot KPIs For Success

young man happy on cell phone with beverage

Why You Should Be Leveraging Messenger Chatbots for your Facebook Messenger Ads in 2021

People talking through Messenger

Facebook’s Unification Between Messenger and Instagram Explained

Mobile shopping

Customer Experience Trends to Watch in 2020 and Beyond

COVID financial

How Conversational Marketing is Helping Financial Businesses During COVID-19

Tiny woman using mobile assistant with chatbot

5 Inspiring Conversational Marketing Examples of Personalization at Scale

How Marketers Can Increase ROI Using Customer Intent Data from Chatbots


A Deep Dive on Domain-Specific NLP and Generative Adversarial Networks

line of apples

6 Steps To Developing The Perfect eCommerce Brand Your Customers Love

3 Reasons to Get a Marketing Chatbot With Advanced NLP and Machine Learning


2020 Facebook Usage Statistics & Trends

Covid auto industry

How Conversational Marketing is Helping Automotive Companies Get Back to Normal After COVID-19

Brand marketing strategy vector cartoon

How to Leverage Facebook Messenger Bots for Your Brand Marketing Strategy


How COVID-19 Retail Challenges Can be Solved Through Conversational Marketing

Brand marketing vector cartoon

How to Use Facebook Messenger for Business to Drive Sales & Increase ROI

Chatbot Marketing illustration

10 Benefits of Chatbot Marketing

Cartoon of Facebook thumbs up from great customer experience

How to Improve Your Digital Customer Experience Strategy With Personalized Marketing

Cartoon of analytics from personalized digital marketing and ROI

How Personalization in Digital Marketing Improves Conversion Rates & Increases ROI

ecommerce marketing best practices 2020

eCommerce Marketing Best Practices for 2020 & Beyond

Facebook Messenger bot built for personalized brand experiences

How Personalizing Brand Experiences with Messenger Bots Can Scale Business Growth

Marketing illustration

4 Key Principles For Improving Cross-Channel Branding

Customer engages with Facebook on laptop and cell phone

Why Industry Leaders are Building AI Chatbots to Increase Engagement on Facebook

man on macbook declared data article

How to Create a Declared Data Strategy For Business Development

Guided shopping chatbot for eCommerce example

How Guided Shopping Chatbots Amplify eCommerce Marketing Efforts & Improve ROI

Faceboot messenger bot for guided shopping

Why Facebook Chatbots Are The Perfect Growth Hack For Direct To Consumer Brands

Digital remote communication with customer on their phone at home

Digital Remote Communication with Customers in Extraordinary Times

Faceboot messenger bot for guided shopping

How Chatbots and Conversational Intelligence Drives Enterprise Revenue

d2c customer acquisition woman on phone and laptop

The Top Performing Direct To Consumer Customer Acquisition Strategies for Social Media

graphic design of Chatbot AI for the best chatbots

Beyond The Hype: What is a Chatbot & How to Leverage The Biggest Marketing Opportunity of The Next 5 Years

facebook marketing social media scrabble words

How to Market Your Business on Facebook: The Power of Social Listening & Conversational Marketing

three people sitting on stairs with phone and laptop - customer experience and acquisition

Customer Experience And Acquisition: Why The Two Go Hand in Hand in 2020

Pixel manager

How to Segment Customers and Find Profitable Audiences

woman cheers after increasing e-commerce conversion rates by optimizing conversion funnel

How to Optimize Your eCommerce Conversion Funnel to Increase Conversion Rates

coppafeel spectrm testimonial

Customer Interview with Sinéad Molloy from CoppaFeel!

man learning about conversion rate optimization for lead generation funnels on his phone in cafe

5 Strategies to Optimize Your Lead Generation Funnel to Increase Conversion Rates


The Most Important 2021 E-Commerce Trends From Spectrm’s Industry Report

What You Need to Know About The Latest Facebook Messenger Update

conversational marketing best practices

5 Conversational Messaging Best Practices To Convert Your Target Audience

touchpoints conversational marketing

Why Conversational Marketing Helps You Beat Ad Fatigue & Convert More Customers

What Facebook’s Shift to a Social Network Built Around Messaging Means For Your Marketing

Facebook Introduces Spectrm as Key Messaging Partner at f8 Developer Conference

Two girls reading about how brands damage customer relationships on Facebook

How brands damage customer relationships on Facebook

man on green bench on cell phone looking at how companies fail to convert their customers

How leading Facebook brands fail to convert their customers

man on phone in cafe reading about how brands are failing to deliver positive customer experiences on Facebook

How brands are failing to deliver positive customer experiences on Facebook

girl with pink background visiting a facebook page on her phone

How to automatically open the messaging popup when a user visits your facebook page

man in backyard learning how to submit a bot to facebook messenger discovery

How to Submit your bot to Facebook Messenger Discovery

woman in office asking on phone what is a facebook bot payload?

What is a Facebook Bot Payload?

Couple learning how to apply for Facebook Messenger Subscription Messaging

How to apply for Facebook Messenger Subscription Messaging

woman in office searching on phone for the 24+1 rule in Facebook Messenger

What is the 24+1 rule in Facebook Messenger?

man in white shirt on phone looking at click to messenger ads

How to test your Click-to-Messenger Ads

girl on phone reading about how to create facebook messenger ads

How to create Facebook click-to-Messenger Ads

business men talking about what you need to know about Whatsapp for business

6 things you need to know about WhatsApp for Business

Facebook killed mini-games – now they are back on Messenger and are a real growth hack for brands.

What you need to know about GDPR and Facebook Messenger bots

Follow the money: Why messaging is disrupting payments

The marketer’s cheat sheet to Facebook’s latest newsfeed change

Ready for take-off – The ultimate checklist before you launch your chatbot

7 clever ideas to launch a chatbot campaign on social media

Boost chatbot engagement by learning-from Alexa and Siri

Apple’s road to chatbots 🍎🤖

The experts view — How to optimize Facebook Messenger conversations

Facebook just quietly launched a major update on the Messenger platform 🤖

Your Chatbot’s Personality Is The Key

How Google’s new approach on media is helping startups