Start the Conversation

Spectrm is the easiest way to create powerful and engaging chatbots people love.

Break the ice with new Audiences

Reach new customers by creating engaging, branded experiences on the platforms your target audience uses: messengers. Help them solve everyday problems, provide entertaining experiences and build your brand.

Bring the spark to customer experience

Engage customers by designing dynamic and infinitely scalable conversations, helpful drip-campaigns and learn more about your customers with every interaction.

Activate your Data to nurture relationships

Put to work the data you gathered over the entire customer lifecycle to build long-term relationships. Demographic and behavioural Data help you customize experiences for every user automatically. Get the deep understanding of your customers to re-engage them at the right time with the right offer.

We help you send the right message

Our customer success team is dedicated to help you fulfill your full potential on instant messenger. We are dead serious when it comes to that. At the end of the day we want to look back and still say: "We don't let our customers launch bad chatbots."

  • Dedicated onboarding, no self-service
  • Brutal honesty, no kiss-ass
  • Ongoing support, not only first aid