Let conversations
drive conversions.

Use Spectrm to instantly engage, inform, and convert your customers on their favorite messaging apps.

Marketing tools that drive results across the customer journey.

+ 1 %
message open rate

Send the right message at the right time to the right person on the messaging apps they love using Spectrm.

1 X
Higher CTR Vs Email

Engage your customers with relevant, personalized content using Spectrm’s AI-powered marketing automation.

1 X
Return on ad spend

Drive performance with customer insights from conversations that improve audience targeting with Spectrm.

The only enterprise-ready
end-to-end bot platform.


Create customer journeys as quickly as chatting. Use conversation maps to never lose sight of the big picture.

Send the right message to the right customer at the right time with marketing automation tools.

Easily analyze your entire customer journey to drive more conversions. Connect behavioral and demographic data for stronger marketing performance.

Leverage conversational AI

It’s not just a buzzword. Artificial intelligence is an integral part of our product. Understand your customer’s intent and respond with automated conversations that look and feel human.

Proprietary NLP Technology
Accurate User Understanding
Continuous Chatbot Training

Built for a variety of use cases


Engage customers where they spend their time.


Convert customers in a conversational way.


Gather data to personalize content and recommendations.


Use behavioral data to target lookalike audiences.


Automate your inbox to never leave any customer behind.


Integrate interactive content to create a powerful experience.

You're in good company

Your success matters to us.

Our customer success team is dedicated to help you fulfill your full potential on messaging apps. We are dead serious when it comes to that. At the end of the day we want to look back and still say: “We don’t let our customers launch bad chatbots.”

Dedicated onboarding. No self-service.
Honest feedback. No boot licking.
Ongoing support. Not just first aid.

Ready to see the magic?

Let our experts give you a tour of our product – discover how Spectrm can help you lead the conversation and continuously optimize your chatbot.