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Reach your customers on their favorite private messaging apps.

Start conversations with your customers in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram DMs using AI marketing chatbots.

Trusted by marketers at global consumer brands

Tried-and-true marketing methods aren't so true anymore.

Your audience wants to stay on social (not your website) and it’s harder than ever to track your funnel.

Your marketing emails are automatically filtered to the promotions tab (that no one ever checks).

Your customers turn off your app’s push notifications (or delete your app to save space on their phone).

Add a new marketing channel your customers won’t turn off: private messaging.

Start two-way conversations using AI marketing chatbots.

With ChatGPT-level intelligence, Spectrm chatbots can have real conversations with your customers in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram DMs that build loyalty and drive sales.

Dynamically share products, content, and offers that convert.

Use the conversation flow builder to customize what your chatbot shares based on different customer responses, and let AI generate on-brand copy and translations in seconds.

Use zero party data to meaningfully re-engage customers over time.

Build hyper-personalized segments based on customers’ shared preferences (rather than assumptions) to send ongoing messages they’ll be excited to receive.

Consumer brands using Spectrm see double digit improvements on every important metric.

98% delivery rate

compared to 80% with email

65% open rate

compared to 21% with email

35% CTR

compared to 3% with email

11× ROI

compared to email campaigns

“Engaging young people using chat at scale with Spectrm helped lower our acquisition costs in a key growth demographic for Telekom. The insights and performance possible with Spectrm have made conversational marketing a key part of our channel mix for the future.”

Picture of Lars Jensen

Lars Jensen

VP Sales @ Telekom

Spectrm is how consumer brands get results with marketing bots for messaging apps

Find out how your brand can use Spectrm to better reach and engage your customers.