The conversational marketing platform that gets millennials to commit.

T-Mobile is one of many brands using Spectrm to engage and convert their customers with automated conversations on messaging apps.
Join the marketing leaders driving performance across their customer journey with Spectrm.

Marketing teams use Spectrm to
drive growth in a mobile-first world.

Acquire Customers
Drive Transactions
Gather Insights
Build Relationships

Acquire more customers by engaging each one individually.

Tell your story, build value and acquire customers on the messaging apps they use every day with Spectrm.

Simplify your acquisition funnel into a conversation.

Integrate campaigns in one click with entrypoints.

Capture 100% of leads in your audience.

Increase conversions with personalized retargeting.

Sell more by making personalized product recommendations.

Engage your customers personally, collect preferences, and recommend products that convert with Spectrm.

Personalize every interaction with placeholders.

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Build detailed customer profiles with declared data.

Enable seamless checkout with webviews.

Reduce cart abandonment with retargeting.

Understand your customers by collecting declared data.

Build detailed customer profiles and run consumer insights surveys that achieve up to 90% completion with Spectrm.

Ask questions in engaging one to one conversations.

Collect validated insights with declared data.

Classify preferences and behaviors with labels.

Combine data points to build meaningful segments.

Elevate your next launch by building customer loyalty.

Gather details for sample orders, follow up with review requests and build launch hype with Spectrm.

Tell compelling brand stories with rich media.

Make data actionable with dynamic content.

Build a one to one relationship with every member.

Automate follow-ups with drip campaigns.

Ready to see the magic?

Let our experts give you a tour of our product – discover how Spectrm can help you lead the conversation and continuously optimize your chatbot.

We help you send the right message.

Our customer success team is dedicated to helping you reach your full growth potential on messaging apps. We don’t launch bad chatbots and never will.

Launch with dedicated onboarding.
Learn performance best practices.
Get first-class customer support.

Spectrm in the spotlight as key messaging partner at Facebook's F8 Developer Conference.