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Get full funnel results with conversational display ads.

The power of conversational marketing meets the reach of display. Move customers from discovery to action in a single ad and reach 90% of internet users in real-time with Spectrm’s Conversational Display Ads.

Watch how marketers beat their performance targets with Spectrm's Conversational Display Ads.

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Purple achieves 30-40% higher ROAS than its goal.
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Ford gets 40% reduced cost per micro-conversion.

Instantly create more valuable connections by talking with your customers, not at them.


of consumers are more likely to purchase after a personalized brand experience.


of internet users can be reached through the Google Ads network of sites, apps and exchanges.


of businesses reported increase in revenue using advanced personalization.

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Personalize your customer journey at scale. From discovery to consideration to action.

Connect with your audience on the websites and apps they love. Convert more customers by guiding their journey conversationally. Improve your marketing ROI by offering relevant information in the right context.


Accelerate customer acquisition with Google DV360 and Conversational Display Ads

What if you can turn your Google Display Ads into personalized conversations to talk to 90% of your target users?

Watch our webinar to learn how you can accelerate your customer acquisition and drive business outcomes with conversational commerce and conversational lead generation.

Start having conversations that convert at scale with Spectrm's Conversational Display Ads.

Frequently asked questions

Conversational display ads combine the power of 2-way conversation with the scale and precision targeting of Display advertising. Conversational display campaigns integrate your Spectrm chatbot with the Google Display network to meet customers where they already are on the web.

These special conversational display ads load a chatbot directly in the ad unit that can guide shoppers and recommend products in real-time. Generate demand and qualify leads in chat. Build brand awareness or educate consumers about complex products and services. Make it easier for your audience to find the most relevant content to move them quickly through your marketing funnel.

There are many ways to use chatbots in conversational display ads. These chatbot powered display ads solve customer acquisition challenges and drive high-quality engagement at an unprecedented scale.

A marketing chatbot is a bot that streamlines your marketing funnel into an automated conversation in order to drive an action valuable to your business.

Marketing bots fast-track customers to purchase by learning about their preferences and personalizing their customer journey in a real-time one to one conversation. These bots engage and convert customers in conversation, at scale, on their preferred channels and at their preferred time.

Marketing chatbots are an increasingly popular approach to direct to consumer marketing that is designed to guide customers, understand responses, personalize experiences, offer recommendations, and drive business outcomes.

Marketing bots can take the form of guided experiences that follow a scripted path with a decision-tree logic. They can also be used to qualify leads and capture contact details. Chatbots that drive marketing performance the most are able to understand natural human language, using conversational AI to understand customer intents and respond intelligently.

Marketing chatbots allow marketers to automate one to one conversations with customers and prospects at scale in real-time and in a personalized way. These kinds of chatbots streamline the different stages of your marketing funnel into a single conversation with your brand that can be personalized based on their individual preferences.

It’s not just about having a chatbot, but about having a conversational intelligence platform to analyze and optimize those one to one interactions. The more data you collect in conversation, the more you can optimize your digital marketing funnel.

Available 24/7 to engage your customers, a chatbot improves customers’ experiences with your brand, giving them immediate attention, answers and recommending products that convert. Businesses are increasingly using chatbots to offer more personalized and contextualized experiences to their customers and prospects.

These buyer-centric interactions mean that prospective buyers can access the information they are looking for quickly, thus, move more swiftly through the various stages of the conversion funnel. It streamlines your marketing funnel by moving customers from discovery to consideration to action in one conversation.

The data available in a conversational marketing and intelligence platform enables marketers to A/B test conversation flows, understand how customers interact with content and optimize every stage of their marketing funnel using conversations and declared data.

Chatbots powered by Spectrm and connected to Google Display & Video 360 (Google DV360) can reach most of the audiences available in DV360.

Google DV360 enables programmatic media buying using audiences and technology to reach the right person with the right creative. With DV360 you can reach your target audience across a large number of exchanges. This makes it easy to discover and access high quality ad inventory relevant for your potential customers. This is combined with fast and efficient media buying tools in a single platform. Major ad exchanges and DSPs include PubMatic, Spotx, Smart, Teads, Rubicon, Index Exchange,, AppNexus, Mopub, Freewheel and more.

Google DV360 gives you total control over brand safety and viewability. It also has AI-powered bidding algorithms that offer the right bid strategy for every goal and therefore allows you to easily optimize your campaigns at scale using data.

Not only does DV360 allow you to use your first party audiences from different sources, like Google Analytics or Salesforce, it also gives you the option to use a variety of free Audiences. You can also take advantage of extensive third party audience data available on Google.

Google Affinity audiences allow you to reach people based on their specific interests while surfing the web. Google In-Market audiences enable you to reach users based on their intention to buy specific categories online. Google Demographics audiences let reach people on the basis of their individual demographic identity.

With Spectrm’s Conversational Display Ads, you can integrate your chatbots with Google DV360. Connecting a chatbot to your display ads in Google DV360 using the Conversational Display Ads builder is easy. All you need to do is generate a bot payload into a specific conversation. It only takes one click to generate a payload with Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform.

Once you have a bot payload, you go into your Conversational Display Ads builder and add the payload to your ad unit creative. This ad unit can be connected to any line item in your Google DV360 campaigns. Spectrm customer success can walk you through exactly how this works.

Yes. Spectrm chatbots are enterprise-ready. The conversational marketing platform is fully secure, GDPR compliant, simple to integrate with your existing tech stack, and has all the tools you need to collaborate across countries and departments. 

Spectrm bots enable enterprise marketing automation powered by conversational AI to identify and respond to customer intents and dynamically integrate data sources. Enterprises can automate customer acquisition and grow revenue faster with conversational ads that engage every customer personally. Personalize recommendations in real-time and convert customers at their moment of highest purchase intent.

Enterprises can collect first-party data for better audience segmentation, remarketing, and prospecting. Marketers can use chatbot data to optimize conversions using conversation analytics.

Chatbots are a great solution for enterprise marketing automation that helps global firms engage and convert customers at scale. Build chatbots your customers love that accelerate acquisition and drive performance. Get fast time to market with no engineering resources required.

This sounds nice in theory but it’s the best way to kill your marketing chatbot before it ever starts. Before you think seriously of in-house chatbot development, ask yourself if any of these matter to you as a marketer:

  • Getting cost-effective and fast time to market.
  • Not relying on engineer bandwidth for every small change.
  • Enabling your marketing team to quickly iterate, A/B test and improve.
  • Actually understanding your customers when they inevitably speak like humans.
  • Launching on new marketing channels in a few clicks.
  • Seamlessly integrating your chatbot with your tech stack.
  • Using data and analytics to optimize your bot without touching a single line of code.

Care about even one of the above? Then you’ve got your answer. Talk to a specialist today to see why an all in one conversational marketing platform is the best solution to grow your business with chatbots.