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Generate more qualified leads by having personalized conversations at scale.

Engage prospects on the websites and apps they love then qualify your leads in real-time without forms using Spectrm.

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lars jensen telekom


conversion lift

“Customer acquisition is challenging at our scale. Spectrm opened a new channel to acquire young customers and achieved a 9x conversion lift compared to our website. It’s one of the fastest projects I ever launched at Telekom and the results are exceptional.”

Lars Jensen
VP Sales

lovoo spectrm testimonial

“Powerful marketing platform. Amazing service! Spectrm has a very intuitive, easy-to-use conversation builder and really useful analytics. After initial onboarding, we were able to continuously optimize our experience and performance. Spectrm’s team was also very helpful with best-practices and recommendations.”

Mario D.
Global Head of Performance Marketing


More qualified leads.
Less forms and work.

Turn the multi-team, engineering-intensive effort to optimize your customer acquisition funnel into a single workflow with Spectrm lead generation.

From struggle.
To success.

Build lead magnet pages.

Design conversation funnel.

Segment anonymous visitors.

Capture every lead.

Prepare lead nurturing streams.

Personalize each buyer journey.

Analyze forms and CTAs.

Qualify in conversation.

Coordinate remarketing campaigns.

Automate retargeting in chat. 

Interrogate CRM for insights.

Optimize acquisition funnel.



Prospect, qualify and acquire customers in a single conversation.
Design, measure and optimize your acquisition funnel with Spectrm.

Connect with customers where they engage most.

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Acquire customers on social by talking with leads at their moment of highest intent.

Run click-to-messenger campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. Guide leads conversationally on Messenger from ad click to sign up. Automatically segment and retarget every drop-off.

Launch fast.

Get industry-leading time to market with your dedicated onboarding specialist.

No coding required.

Prototype, launch and optimize your chatbot with no internal engineering resources.

Ready for success.

Maximize your ROI with our experienced conversational success managers.

Trusted by Fortune 100 and disruptors.

Acquire more customers with Spectrm conversational lead generation.