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Turn cart abandons into conversions via digital touchpoints

Make shopping experiences feel personal for customers on their favorite messaging apps.

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Retail industry leaders already use Spectrm

Recurring notifications

Turn customers into repeat buyers. Re-engage your audience with regular notifications on the topics they care about.

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AI recognition on IG & FB

Track offline to online retail experiences, using the latest capabilities of image recognition or QR codes.

Shared posts on influencers

Build a loyal community for your retail brand on Instagram. Use the “comment to reply” feature on influencer posts to boost your reach and customer engagement

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LLM Product Finder

Make online shopping a seamless experience. Use generative AI to automate your product finder to help customers find what they’re looking for.

Increase sales for luxury items when you shift to AI-driven conversations

Closing the deal is important for your luxury brand. A few less abandonment carts can add up to a small fortune. Give luxury consumers the exceptional service they’re looking for with Spectrm.

LLM Product Finder

Luxury shoppers look for specific brands and items. Make it easy for them to find and seal the deal for their dream items.



Reward loyal customers with personalized perks and special offers with retail chatbots. Improve your customer retention with exclusive membership options.

Order status


Turn the delivery experience into a breath of fresh air. Send order updates and offer personalized shopping experiences, based on previous orders and search history.

24/7 support


Luxury buyers expect personalized experiences during the purchasing process. Make them feel supported with FAQs and 24/7 digital support.

All-round conversational AI solutions for retail

Quick wins

Achieve quick wins with private messaging

  • New acquisition
  • Driving CRM / Loyalty usage
  • Seasonal Activations
  • Flash Sales (FOMO)

Plan a long-term strategy with Spectrm

  • Double down on customer retention 
  • Offer guided shopping experience 
  • Target empty shopping carts
  • Support inventory management
  • Deepen one-to-one customer relationships 
  • Collect zero and first-party data

Enrich data with our integration options

  • Collect zero-party data in the messaging experience to enrich your customer profiles in your CRM/CDP.
  • Use this data to fuel cross-channel personalisation.
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Ready to transform your retail customer experience?