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Guide customers to action with conversational AI as unique as your brand.

Launch AI-powered marketing bots that understand your customers and get smarter with every message using Spectrm.

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Your customers have unique needs and preferences. That's why you need unique Conversational AI.

General natural language processing (NLP) is useful when it comes to generic intents like telling you the weather, finding a city or identifying sentiment.

When it comes to the specific questions customers have about your products and services, it’s not just useless, it’s dangerous. It can negatively impact your customer experience, your marketing ROI and your bottom line. 

Get domain-specific NLP unique to your brand, customers and goals.

Get it fast and improve it code-free with the Spectrm Hybrid NLP Engine.


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Always respond with the right information in the moment that matters most.

Leverage domain-specific conversational AI to respond to your customer’s unique intents and automate FAQs on the fly. Train your chatbot to get smarter with every message using the Spectrm Hybrid NLP Engine.

Scale one to one conversations that are sensitive to context and preferences.

Dynamically integrate data sources and product feeds to personalize answers in real-time. Combine the power of context-specific responses with the ability to identify broader customer intents that override guided conversation paths.

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Build on a solid foundation with intuitive tools to customize and optimize your unique AI.

Accelerate time to market by tailoring vertical and use case specific templates using our library of common intents. Use workflows to quickly add more intents and entities . Easily integrate new messages to improve your classification.

Continuously optimized domain-specific intent classification. 100% code-free and marketer-friendly.

It’s not rocket science. It’s conversation science. How does it work?

The Spectrm Hybrid NLP Engine helps you create a lot of intent data with minimal input. Proprietary machine learning methods generate training data for each intent class and build a prediction pipeline for every user input using generative adversarial networks. Machine learning algorithms are combined with an intuitive approach to human-supervised validation that improves your intent matching over time.

What does that mean for marketers?

You don’t need a lot of data to start understanding your customers now.

And anyone on your team can easily optimize your conversational AI code-free.


Generate domain-specific data with a syntax helper for intent patterns.


Your GANS models are trained automatically for each intent pattern.


Intent pattern matching is combined with prediction algorithm using GANS.


Train chatbot using supervised validation without engineers.

Fortune 100 and disruptors use Spectrm to build conversationally intelligent chatbots.

Grow your business with conversational AI.