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Gartner Report Names Spectrm as Cool Vendor in Natural Language Technology

“Leaders seeking competitive differentiation for immersive experiences and improved operations should investigate these Cool Vendors. This will help them to lead and innovate with these advancements.” (Gartner)

Download the Gartner 2020 Report on Natural Language Technology (NLT), which enables intuitive forms of communication between humans and systems, and analysis the contents of those communications. 

Enterprises are looking to increase business value with personalization. They have large volumes of structured and unstructured textual data sources that are currently not used to enhance their position and services. This is due to internal barriers such as insufficient knowledge or talent to exploit the use of NLT. That’s why, by 2023, enterprises will have doubled their current spending on NLT solutions. 

Get the Gartner report to see their analysis of NLT vendors and learn why Spectrm was highlighted as a leading solution.

Download the report