Conversational marketing case studies.

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Revolution Race
revolution race conversational marketing
Conversions go up when customers find the most relevant product quickly.
Drives Conversions
hungryroot conversational marketing
Brand awareness is measured before and after an out-of-home campaign.
90% Completion Rate
next conversational marketing
A guided selling bot drives sales by helping customers find the perfect pair of jeans.
Sells More Jeans
Hertha BSC
hertha bsc conversational marketing
A ticketing bot sells last-minute tickets with offers to fill the stadium every game.
Sells More Tickets
clarins conversational marketing
Subscribers increase when a raffle bot engages customers and collects data.
Increases Subscribers
Red Bull
red bull conversational marketing
A bot drives engagement with interactive content and generates customer insights.
Generates Insights
Daniel Wellington
daniel wellington conversational marketing
Customers buy more online when helped quickly by a guided selling bot.
Increases Sales
HRA Pharma
hra pharma conversational marketing
Ella helps women to become Germany’s top awarded healthcare campaign.
Most Awarded Bot
bosch conversational marketing
A talking fridge introduces new products in an engaging journey about innovation.
Engagement Innovation
telekom conversational marketing
Tommy bot drives sales by finding the perfect contract bundle for millennials.
9x Conversion Lift
German Army
german army conversational marketing
Recruitment gets a big boost with a conversational content campaign.
24 Point Ad Recall Lift
browns conversational marketing
Sales increase when it’s easy for customers to find the perfect gift in a conversation.
5x conversion lift
ford conversational marketing
Drivers customize their dream car and take it for a virtual test drive.
Test Drives Increase
Happy Socks
happy socks conversational marketing
Holiday sales get a boost when customers easily find the best gift for a loved one.
3x ROI Lift
cnn conversational marketing
News updates drive traffic with the most subscribed global news bot.
Most Subscribed Bot

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