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Beliani converts shoppers with personalized furniture offers in a conversational commerce experience on Messenger.


decrease in cost per conversion lift


Finished the conversation once they started it


Beliani is a monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine brand covering topics like fashion, beauty, culture, living, and runway.


Furniture Retail


Conversational commerce

Drive sales with one to one shopping experiences and product recommendations.


Click to Messenger ads
Take your Facebook ads to the next level with Messenger.

Retargeting messages
Send notifications to opted-in customers for ongoing engagement.

Direct message automation 
Automate messaging and convert high intent customers with personalized offers. 

Entry points
Click to Messenger ads, social posts, offline and owned channels.



Decrease in cost per conversion lift


Finished the conversation once they started it


Beliani's messaging strategy solves the major challenges eCommerce brands face with customer acquisition and making shopping experiences feel personal online

It’s not easy to improve CAC and conversion rates when customers expect an effortless way to find products online that fit their needs and preferences.

With so many options available, finding the right furniture can be overwhelming. Especially from a product catalogue the size of Beliani’s. 

So how did messaging help eCommerce marketers at Beliani connect with their audiences and guide them to find the perfect furniture?

Customer acquisition cost

Improve CAC and conversion rates by guiding shoppers and recommending products dynamically in chat in real-time.

Customer signals

Collect customer signals to improve personalization, capture 100% of leads, & retarget drop-offs 1:1 without cookies.

Audience Growth

Activate younger customers on their preferred channel and seed new high value lookalikes using zero party data from chat.

Ongoing engagement

Drive continuous value with a directly reachable messaging audience you can engage with free recurring notifications.


Beliani engages furniture shoppers with a one to one conversational journey across the customer lifecycle

Here’s an overview of the Beliani customer journey from start to finish.

It shows you how to send audiences into Messenger from Facebook ads, how to engage and qualify them, typical conversion paths, and then how to re-engage them to increase customer lifetime value.

1 | Acquire users

with paid ads, organic search and social entry points, plus owned and offline channels.

2 | Engage & qualify

users to understand their individual needs and personal preferences.

3 | Convert users

with personalized product recommendations based on zero party data shared in chat.

4 | Send notifications

on their preferred messaging app to drive ongoing engagement and upsell them.

5 | Increasy loyalty

with tailored and timely offers that grow sales and boost customer LTV.


Beliani captures zero party data in a privacy-safe channel to improve customer profiles, segment audiences, and reach them directly

Engaging and qualifying customers in chat with a guided experience helps Beliani capture zero party data on their preferences. They use this to personalize the buyer journey in real-time and send a private offer.

Below is an example of how Beliani structures the data from chat to build audience segments and re-engage customers one to one with push notifications from Messenger.

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Customer profile
Elsie Spiegelmann
First seen: September 20, 2022
Source: Click to Messenger Facebook ad


Beliani achieves 59% decrease in cost per conversion lift and 26% finished conversation via Messenger

Beliani launched an automated one to one Messenger experience to help their customers find the perfect furniture based on their needs. The company managed to increase engagement, with 26% of customers finishing the conversation once they started it. 

The Messenger bot enabled Beliani to build new audiences and activate younger customers on their preferred channel. Using the data shared in chat conversations, the company improved their personalization and converted customers with offers tailored to their needs. This allowed Beliani to achieve a 59% decrease in their cost per conversion lift. 

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