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Automate your growth on today's messaging channels.

Spectrm pricing plans help you grow faster on the channels your customers use every day.  All with unlimited access to the core growth drivers of conversational marketing.


For marketing teams who want to start acquiring customers on one messaging channel. Get unlimited access to your core conversational marketing tools.

Design custom conversation flows
Track events and conversions in chat
Tag customers to build segments
Get engagement analytics
A/B test conversation funnels
Automate drip message sequences
Manage entry points to ads
Integrate product feeds
See every lead with audience lists
Add dynamic UTMs to links
Send data to other tools with Zapier
Train conversational AI code-free
Export audience data
Connect one marketing channel
Get dedicated customer success
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For marketing teams to engage audiences on multiple paid and organic growth channels. Connect your bot to Facebook, Instagram, Google and more.

All Spectrm Essential features
Run click to Messenger campaigns
Automate DMs on Instagram
Integrate Google Business Messages
Use chat display ads with AdLingo
Connect a Facebook Page inbox.
Copy conversations templates to new channels
Manage customer intents and entities across channels
Use channel-specific messaging features and integrations
Combine paid and organic growth marketing tools
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For global brands. Scale conversational marketing across multiple channels and markets. Train your conversational AI in different languages.

All Spectrm Multichannel features
Get new instance for each language
Manage users roles per instance for collaboration across different teams
Develop domain-specific NLP in different languages without coding

Conversational marketing automation solutions included in every plan.

Scale your growth on the world’s largest messaging channels with unlimited access to the core growth drivers for conversational marketing.

Unlimited seats. Unlimited conversations. Unlimited messages. Unlimited data capture. Unlimited audiences and segments. Unlimited automation sequences.

All with performance analytics, enterprise security, and customer success.

Always. We don’t launch bad chatbots and never will. Your package includes premium support from our experienced customer success team and conversational marketing specialists.

Yes. Our customer success team provides best practices and guidance to track and optimize your performance across messaging channels.

No, you don’t need a CRM or an existing marketing stack to launch your chatbot. Spectrm’s platform includes all the tools you need to engage users, build customer profiles, segment your audience, connect your marketing campaigns and automate re-engagement.

Yes you can. Spectrm’s entrypoint generator helps you easily connect existing campaigns to specific conversations in your chatbot. No coding required.

Still have a question about Spectrm’s pricing or platform? Read the top 10 questions prospective customers ask or request your free demo to talk to a conversational marketing specialist directly.

Mario D.
Mario D.

Global Head of Performance Marketing @ Lovoo

“Spectrm has a very intuitive, easy-to-use conversation builder and really useful analytics. After initial onboarding, we were able to continuously optimized our experience and performance. Spectrm’s team was also very helpful with best-practices and recommendations.”
Pim D.
Pim D.

Head of Operations

“Spectrm is not just a product. It’s a comprehensive solution that allows you to build a marketing chat bot – no coding experience required – build in reporting and monitoring, and the support of a great global team that guides and supports you to get the best results for your business. They are great partners in every sense of the word.”
Lars Jensen
Lars Jensen

VP Sales @ Telekom

“Customer acquisition is challenging at our scale. Spectrm opened a new channel to acquire young customers and achieved a 9x conversion lift compared to our website. It’s one of the fastest projects I ever launched at Telekom and the results are exceptional.”
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