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Daraz engages CRM contacts on WhatsApp and nurtures them with private discounts to increase order volume


avg. conversion rate from WhatsApp


avg. opt-in for ongoing notifications


Daraz Group is South Asia’s leading eCommerce platform. It sells products to 40 million active monthly users across eCommerce stores in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. 




Private Loyalty Offers and Deals

Acquire new customers and increase customer lifetime value with personal deals and coupons sent directly on messaging apps customers use every day.


CRM upload
Build a directly reachable audience on WhatsApp by uploading phone numbers.

Retargeting messages
Send notifications about actual deals to opted-in users.

Direct message automation
Automate your customers journey on WhatsApp and convert high intent customers.



avg. conversion rate from WhatsApp


avg. opt-in for ongoing notifications


Daraz messaging strategy solves the major challenges eCommerce brands face with customer acquisition and loyalty program engagement

It’s not easy to sell products online within a competitive environment when all the standards are shifting and prices are increasing. 

Compulsory price increases change buying habits and undermine customer loyalty. With inflation rising, promotions and discount campaigns are losing their visibility. 

So how did messaging help eCommerce marketers at Daraz connect with their audiences and increase order volumes with discounts sent via WhatsApp? 

Cost per order

Reduce cost per first order in mature and growing markets with 1:1 social commerce experiences that qualify and convert users.

Customer signals

Collect customer signals to improve personalization and increase order frequency with hyper relevant offers.

Audience growth

Activate younger customers on their preferred channel and seed new high value lookalikes using offer campaigns.

Ongoing engagement

Drive continuous value with a directly reachable messaging audience you can engage with free recurring notifications.


Daraz engages shoppers with a one to one conversational journey across the customer lifecycle

Here’s how Daraz transformed their customer journey from start to finish.

It shows you how to upload CRM contacts to build an audience on WhatsApp, how to engage and qualify them, typical conversion paths, and then how to re-engage them with notifications to increase customer lifetime value.

1 | Upload CRM contacts

using phone numbers to build a directly reachable audience list on WhatsApp Business.

2 | Send notification

to opted-in users to trigger a one to one conversation on WhatsApp.

3 | Qualify and convert

by sending personalized offers in private DMs based on zero party data shared in chat.

4 | Re-engage with notifications

on their preferred messaging app to drive ongoing engagement and upsell them.

5 | Increasy loyalty

with tailored and timely offers that grow sales and boost customer LTV.


Daraz captures zero party data in a privacy-safe channel to improve customer profiles, segment audiences, and reach them directly

Engaging customers in chat via WhatsApp with a guided experience helps Daraz capture zero party data on customer preferences. They use this to personalize the buyer journey in real-time and send personalized recommendations. 

Below is an example of how Daraz structures the data from chat to build audience segments and re-engage customers one to one with push notifications from WhatsApp. 

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Sybarite Spiegelmann
First seen: September 20, 2022
Source: CRM contact upload


Daraz increased order volumes and customer loyalty with personal discounts sent via WhatsApp

Daraz achieved great results by adopting WhatsApp Business as their new channel. The eCommerce retailer first uploaded their CRM contacts to WhatsApp. This enabled them to build a continuously monetizable audience on WhatsApp. 

Daraz then sent WhatsApp notifications about personal discounts to opted-in users to trigger a one to one chat conversation. The personal discounts activated a wide range audience, which enabled Daraz to increase its order volume while reducing cost per first order. 

Using the zero party data from the chat conversations, Daraz personalized the customer journey and sent additional offers to customers. This re-engaged customers and increased customer loyalty. 

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