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The conversational marketing platform for messaging apps.

Build a direct relationship with every customer. At scale. On the apps they love.

Drive results across your customer journey.

Automate conversations that engage and convert more customers with Spectrm’s
end-to-end chatbot platform.

Design conversations

Understand intent

Segment customers

Automate remarketing

Analyze engagement


Design your customer journeys in an intuitive conversation flow editor.

Spectrm is built for anyone on your team. Design detailed customer journeys in a natural conversation flow easily. No design or coding experience required.


Understand what your customers say with best-in-class conversational AI.

Your brand has its own language. Understand what your customers want in any context and always respond intelligently. Train your bot by combining powerful machine learning with human supervision.


Break language barriers instantly.

Forget expensive translation that slows you down. Translate your conversation in one click using AI, so you can scale to new markets and grow your revenue faster.


Launch and scale to new channels quickly.

Don’t let specific messaging channel requirements block your launch. Select your channel, validate your conversation, and get tips to fix creative so you can scale fast to new channels.


Integrate your tech stack. Connect any tool to deliver seamless customer experience and leverage declared data across your marketing funnel.

Security & privacy

Your data is always safe. We enforce enterprise-grade security standards and fully GDPR-compliant data protection agreements.

Role management

Work better together. Invite unlimited users and set access roles that empower collaboration without compromising your control.


Segment customers meaningfully with declared data from conversations.

Stop relying on anonymous visitor data and interest-based targeting. Start building meaningful customer profiles from real answers given by real people. Combine declared and behavioral data from conversations to segment customers like never before.


Automate drip campaigns with personalization delivered at scale.

Retarget customers with personalized, mobile-native messages that show on their phone lock-screen. Convert more with a frictionless journey from click to conversation to purchase.


Grow revenue and report on chatbot KPIs with the ROI dashboard.

You need to measure performance and ROI, but chatbot data is hard to report on.  Not anymore. Track your messaging KPIs and website conversions attributed to your chatbot. All in one place.


Turn your chatbot conversations into a goldmine of data.

Understanding how customers interact with your chatbot is essential to optimize your creative, but accessing that type of data is often hard. Conversation Analytics comes in. It’s a powerful feature that helps you optimize conversation creative and improve your chatbot performance. 

Frequently asked questions

A marketing chatbot is a bot that streamlines your marketing funnel into an automated conversation in order to drive an action valuable to your business.

Marketing bots fast-track customers to purchase by learning about their preferences and personalizing their customer journey in a real-time one to one conversation. These bots engage and convert customers in conversation, at scale, on their preferred channels and at their preferred time.

Marketing chatbots are an increasingly popular approach to direct to consumer marketing that is designed to guide customers, understand responses, personalize experiences, offer recommendations, and drive business outcomes.

Marketing bots can take the form of guided experiences that follow a scripted path with a decision-tree logic. They can also be used to qualify leads and capture contact details. Messenger bots that drive marketing performance the most are able to understand natural human language, using conversational AI to understand customer intents and respond intelligently.
Conversational marketing is a one to one approach to marketing that brands use to fast-track customers to purchase by learning about their preferences and personalizing their customer journey in a real-time conversation. It is a customer centric approach to marketing automation that uses chatbots to engage and convert customers in conversation, at scale, on their preferred channels and at their preferred time.

Real-time personalization from the first touchpoint is possible using chatbots built on an end to end conversational marketing platform. This helps solve many of the challenges of complexity, scale and prediction marketing automation usually faces.

A conversational marketing platform enables your company to:
  • Sell more by capturing declared data to recommend products and personalize customer journeys in real-time.
  • Launch fast by designing chatbots and integrating different marketing channels in a few clicks. No coding required.
  • Optimize your marketing funnel and conversion rates using data on how customers engage with your chatbot.
  • Retarget drop-offs by automating retargeting messages in chat that get 80% open rates on average.
  • Develop unique conversational AI that understands your customers’ specific intents in natural conversation. Without needing any engineering resources.
Conversational AI is a set of natural language processing and automation technologies that enable more human interactions between chatbots and humans. Conversational AI is what makes it possible for chatbots to understand humans even when they talk like, well, humans.

For marketing chatbots, conversational AI is used primarily for understanding what customers are saying. Their intent. This intent is then responded to with a pre-scripted message or conversation. Using responses automatically generated by AI in marketing bots is a bad idea because you want to ensure every response is on brand and drives an action valuable to your business.

Spectrm enables marketers to have their own unique conversational AI. No coding required.

Why do you need it? Because general natural language processing (NLP) is useful when it comes to generic intents like telling you the weather, finding a city or identifying sentiment. When it comes to the specific questions customers have about your products and services, it’s not just useless, it’s dangerous. It can negatively impact your customer experience, your marketing ROI and your bottom line.

Instead, you need domain-specific NLP unique to your brand, customers and goals. You can get it fast and improve it code-free with the Spectrm Hybrid NLP Engine.

Making conversational AI useful to your business relies on two things:
  1. You don’t need a lot of data to start understanding your customers now.
  2. Anyone on your team can easily optimize your conversational AI code-free.
This sounds nice in theory but it’s the best way to kill your marketing chatbot before it ever starts. Before you think seriously of in-house chatbot development, ask yourself if any of these matter to you as a marketer:
  • Getting cost-effective and fast time to market.
  • Not relying on engineer bandwidth for every small change.
  • Enabling your marketing team to quickly iterate, A/B test and improve.
  • Actually understanding your customers when they inevitably speak like humans.
  • Launching on new marketing channels in a few clicks.
  • Seamlessly integrating your chatbot with your tech stack.
  • Using data and analytics to optimize your bot without touching a single line of code.
Care about even one of the above? Then you’ve got your answer. Talk to a specialist today to see why an all in one conversational marketing platform is the best solution to grow your business with chatbots.
Unlike customer service chatbots that show up on a website and are a reactive way of dealing with customer problems, marketing chatbots proactively engage customers to drive sales. Marketing chatbots help brands connect with customers easily where they are already spending their time online.

Bots can engage customers directly on websites and mobile apps in conversational display ads. They can also engage customers on social channels like Facebook and Instagram using Messenger bots. Marketing bots can even be connected to your website by using the Facebook Messenger chat plugin.

Chatbots are integrated with your marketing campaigns using bot payloads. You can generate a payload into a specific conversation in your chatbot in one click. This gives you complete control over the conversation a customer starts when interacting with your ad.

Facebook chatbots can be easily connected to your Facebook and Instagram marketing with Click to Messenger campaigns using payloads. This enables you to automate one to one conversations that start as soon as someone clicks an ad on social media.

Once you are connected on Messenger, Facebook chatbots let you personalize every buyer journey in a real-time conversation. At scale with your entire audience. You can also automate remarketing drip campaigns that send personalized messages directly in Messenger.

Chatbots can also be easily connected to conversational display ad units by generating a payload. This means you can even A/B test different journeys in the same campaign.

Declared data from your chatbots can also be connected to your CRM and other parts of your marketing stack using a conversational marketing automation platform.

Connect with your customers.

Start building customer relationships that convert at scale with Spectrm. Get your live demo with a conversational marketing specialist.