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Become a Spectromie

What does Spectrm do?

Building the future where marketing talks with people, not at them.

We empower brands to automate one to one conversations with customers in real-time on search, social and display. Marketing teams use Spectrm to build trust, drive sales and increase loyalty.

How does Spectrm do it?

Today’s consumer chooses convenience. They demand personalized, instant and effortless shopping experiences. They prefer to engage brands where they want, when they want, and how they want. Our conversational marketing automation platform makes it possible for brands to do exactly that, at scale.

We help brands build trust, drive sales and increase loyalty by engaging consumers in real-time with marketing chatbots on the world’s largest messaging channels.

Who are we?

We’re a rapidly growing, diverse, and distributed team with offices in Berlin and New York.

We’re dedicated to building a world class product that puts customers first, by empowering brands to personalize one to one conversations at scale.

Great technology makes it possible. Great humans make it successful.

Listen to Max, our co-founder and CEO, talk about Spectrm

Career Opportunities

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Our Values

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Humble wins the day

We are team first, debate openly, decide transparently and know that competence trumps confidence.

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Life is gut

We work heads down, but zoom out. Life is gut. Failing is part of our journey. Hard work will be rewarded. 

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Pixels paint the picture

We are here to do our best work and care about every detail. What we don’t know we figure out and grow.

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Pro in productive

We optimise for output and do more with less. Time is our most precious resource. We make every minute count.

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Make it work

We commit and always find a way instead of excuses. Smart and scrappy is our default.