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It's a tough time to be a retention marketer.

Especially when you wake up to headlines like...

Is email marketing dead?
Turn off your push notifications!
Consumers creeped out by ads
Could gen Z free the world from email?
Loyalty and retention are in decline

But many teams continue with the status quo:
One Way Customer Marketing.

Collect data via one way engagement with customers.


Analyze static behavioral data to identify segments, then build complex personalization logic.


Engage segments via one way channels where attention and performance are rapidly declining.


The problem with the status quo:

Disconnected from what consumers are actually looking for today.

Relies on channels that are crowded and and full of noise.

Requires massive amount of time spent on data analysis to identify relevant segments, then doing that from scratch over and over again.

Privacy regulations and updates like iOS 14 are making it harder and harder to collect and act on customer data.

Two Way Customer Marketing
The new approach winning teams are embracing

Step 1

Engage in two way conversations with customers — the same way they are used to speaking with their friends and family every single day.

Step 2

Instantly act on zero party data in real-time in one to one conversations with customers.

Step 3

Use this zero party data to create more accurate customer segments and drive more value from each customer based on they tell you directly.

There are just 2 roadblocks teams face with this approach:

Mastering a new channel.

Mastering a new skill: conversational marketing.

The best channel is where consumers already spend all their time: private messaging apps

To manage an enterprise-scale number of one to one conversations, you need one thing:
Automation that truly works.

The Spectrm platform empowers marketers to win with one to one marketing at scale.

Why marketing teams are going one to one with Spectrm.

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