Marketing that talks with every customer.
Not at them.

Scale your growth by optimizing your funnel into a personalized, instant and effortless conversation.

spectrm conversational shopping

Trusted by Fortune 100 and disruptors

spectrm conversation designer

Design, measure and optimize your conversational marketing in one place.

Spectrm is the one-stop shop to launch chatbots on multiple marketing channels. With conversational intelligence tools that make every datapoint actionable. Without needing any engineering resources.

Dynamically integrate your product feed to personalize recommendations at scale.

Delight your customers with fun and interactive shopping experiences. Gather declared data on their preferences and recommend products that convert in real-time. 

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Prospect, qualify and acquire customers by personalizing every buyer journey.

Engage your audience on the websites and apps they love. Build value, simplify product discovery and qualify your leads in real-time without forms.

Conversational marketing and intelligence tools with the power to adapt to your case.

From reducing cost per app install to customer insights surveys to product launches and education. Marketing teams use Spectrm to build stronger customer relationships, drive revenue and scale their growth.

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Convert more customers on social by speaking with them at their moment of highest intent.

Run click-to-messenger campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. Turn inbound messages into sales and chat with customers right on your website. Transform social messaging into a performance channel that delights your customers.