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Unleash your full conversational marketing potential with Spectrm.

Launching a chatbot can feel daunting. Choosing the right bot platform is crucial to your success. That’s why we’ve answered the top 10 questions potential customers ask when making their decision.

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Doesn't launching my own bot require a lot of internal resources?

It’s a lot faster and easier than you might think. Spectrm is designed for growth teams with big goals but limited bandwidth. Launch your bot without ever touching a single line of code. Or getting James from analytics involved. Our customer success team has helped lots of brands launch their own bot in under 4 weeks. The number of internal developer hours they had to request in the process? Zero.

Why not build my bot in-house?

Sure, you could try that. Depends if you want to have to answer why your bot is over budget and still under construction every team meeting for the next 12 months. And why it can’t understand your customers. And why it broke after updates to Facebook’s Marketing API. Don’t reinvent the wheel. We’ve helped brands go from concept to success in as little as 5 weeks. The secret sauce? Our best-in-class conversational marketing platform mixed with dedicated customer success managers that care about your performance.

Custom Spectrm Bot
Launched in 2-4 weeks. 100%
In-house Bot
7 months and counting... 55%

What's different about Spectrm vs other bot software?

Spectrm doesn’t launch bad chatbots with customers and we never will. We believe your team should be empowered to launch a bot your customers actually love. That’s why we built an enterprise-ready bot platform that powers bots we’re proud of. Our experienced conversational specialists help you implement best practices that can lower your acquisition costs up to 9x. Most bot providers just want you to subscribe. We want you to succeed.


  • Automated Messaging
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Conversational AI
  • Product Feeds
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Customer Profiler
  • Performance Analytics
  • Drip Campaigns
  • CRM Integrations
  • Enterprise Security
  • Customer Success



Would my customers actually engage with a chatbot?

More than any other communication channel. Messages get over 80% open rates and 10x higher CTRs on average compared to email. Spectrm customers consistently see better conversion performance in their bot than any other channel. Why? Their customers get a personalized brand experience that fast-tracks them to checkout. That’s why chatbots help you beat ad fatigue and convert more customers. It’s a performance marketer’s dream come true.

Can I integrate my bot with ______?

Spectrm’s end-to-end bot platform is a one-stop shop for your conversational marketing needs. That includes conversation design, product feeds, audience segmentation, bot analytics and more. We’ve got you covered. But we know your omnichannel strategy means you might want to connect your CRM, analytics or the rest of your marketing stack. That’s why we have plug and play integrations and a software-agnostic approach to helping you grow. No matter what your marketing stack looks like. We’ll help you connect it.

Can I reach enough people to really impact my marketing ROI?

Without a doubt. Your customers live on messaging apps. 97% of American consumers use messaging apps at least once a day. Facebook Messenger alone had 126.3 million users in the US and 1.38 billion users globally in 2018. Businesses and consumers are exchanging 20 billion messages each month on Messenger already. Adoption is growing fast. Lower bid competition for Messenger ads today means that now is the biggest opportunity to reach new customers at a lower CPC and increase your marketing ROI.

What happens when my bot doesn't understand my customer?

Spectrm’s conversational AI helps you predict queries and match responses to avoid confusion in the first place. What happens when it doesn’t match? Our customers take advantage of fallback responses that feel natural in conversation. They use the opportunity to react in a fun way that delights their customers and nudges them down their funnel. Then they leverage Spectrm’s conversational AI trainer to make sure it matches next time. The result?  A better understanding of customers and a bot that gets better every day.


If I have a problem, will you help me fix it?

If your bot has a problem, Spectrm has a problem. We’re proud of every bot we launch and our experienced customer success team is there to help. We don’t just fix it. We help avoid it in the first place. Spectrm customers get their own success manager to help validate their bot before launch, draw on best practices, and get ongoing support. The way we see it, our success depends on your success.

spectrm customer success

How do I convince my boss?

We don’t know your boss, but we have some suggestions. How about that you can launch an untapped marketing channel in 2-4 weeks? With less internal resources than your last holiday party. Or that you can achieve increasing returns on ad spend? So you can spend more time on that key initiative and less time defending your CAC. Or, if they’re into numbers, how Spectrm has helped brands get 5x more conversions at 45% higher AOV than their website. If your boss cares about scaling customer growth now, they’ll likely see the ROI of launching your bot with Spectrm.

return on ad spend boost spectrm

When's the best time to launch my bot?

In 30 days. That way, you can celebrate your marketing performance boost ASAP. Why wait 30 days? It gives you time to schedule your free Spectrm demo with a conversational marketing specialist right now. They help identify your use case and strategy to get faster buy-in from your team. We can launch your custom bot in 2-4 weeks. But we know approval can take time. The bot’s in your court. Our customer’s advice? The sooner you launch, the faster you’ll beat your targets. And the more time you’ll have to optimize your bot to increase your ROI even more.

Launch your custom chatbot now.

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