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Volkswagen books test drives for their new electric vehicle models by guiding customers to find the best car for their needs

Higher CTR vs. onsite configurator

6.2 pts

Uplift of Messaging agreement vs BAU


Volkswagen is a leading manufacturers of automobiles and commercial vehicles.




Lead generation

Get more qualified leads with personalized buyer journeys and one to one mobile push notification retargeting.


Click to Messenger ads
Take your Facebook ads to the next level with Messenger.

Retargeting messages
Send notifications to opted-in customers to drive ongoing engagement and upsell. 

Direct message automation
Automate FAQs and convert high intent customers.

Entry Points
Click to Messenger ads, social posts, owned and offline channels. 


Higher CTR vs. onsite configurator

6.2 pts

Uplift of Messaging agreement vs BAU (Do you agree that VW offers helpful guidance on choosing an ID3?)


Volkswagen's messaging strategy solves the challenges automotive marketers face with digital buyer journeys and lead generation

Engaging vehicle buyers now starts online, not in the car dealerships. 

But fierce competition for attention, increasing ad fatigue and privacy updates challenge marketers to find new ways to engage and convert their audience. 

So how did messaging help auto marketers at Volkswagen connect with their audiences and accelerate purchase decisions? 

Long sales cycle

Simplify digital touchpoints into one easy to track conversation to accelerate the purchase journey.

Customer signals

Collect zero party data signals to improve lead quality, build segments, and reduce your cost per action.

Buyer education

Engage in a two way conversation that adds value and educates buyers about new models.

Ongoing engagement

Book more test drives by converting users to message channel with higher reachability than phone or email.

Lead activation

Grow new seed audiences and active existing lead lists on their preferred channel.


Volkswagen offers one to one conversational journey across customer lifecycle

Here’s how Volkswagen transformed their customer journey from start to finish.

It shows you how to send audiences into Messenger from Facebook ads, how to engage and qualify them, typical conversion paths, and then how to re-engage them to increase customer lifetime value.

1 | Acquire users

with paid ads, organic search and social entry points, plus owned and offline channels.

Messenger Volkswagon UK Personalized Buyer Journeys in Chat

2 | Engage & qualify

users to understand their individual needs and personal driving preferences.

3 | Convert leads

with personalized buyer journeys based on zero party data shared in chat.

4 | Send notification

on their preferred messaging app to drive ongoing engagement and upsell them.

5 | Increase loyalty

with tailored and timely offers to book more test drives, grow sales, and boost customer LTV.


Volkswagen captures zero party data in a privacy-safe channel to improve customer profiles, segment audiences, and reach them directly

Bringing the physical car dealership experience online via messaging helps Volkswagen capture zero party data from one to one Messenger chat conversations. They use this to personalize the buyer journey in real-time and send a private offer.

Below is an example of how Volkswagen structures the data from chat to build audience segments and re-engage customers one to one with push notifications from Messenger.

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Adrien Spiegelmann
First seen: September 20, 2022
Source: Click to Messenger Facebook ad


Volkswagen achieves 3x higher CTR and 6.2 pts uplift of Messaging agreement vs BAU

Messaging enabled Volkswagen to overcome the challenges automotive companies often face. Using an automated Messenger bot, the company grew their online audience and simplified digital touchpoints into one easy to track conversation. This allowed Volkswagen to capture valuable customer insights and send personalized offers based on customer needs. 

High value items, such as vehicles, require customer education. Volkswagen’s Messenger bot provides prospects with assistive shopping experiences. This enabled the company to accelerate consideration phases and purchase decisions. 

Volkswagen also managed to convert their customers online, by encouraging them to easily book a test drive and find their dream car via Messenger. 

Using the Messenger bot, Volkswagen achieved: 

  • 3x higher CTR vs. onsite configurator
  • 6.2 pts uplift of Messaging agreement vs BAU

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