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Proximus drives app retention and revenue per user with recurring notifications on Instagram


Total App Install Rate


RN Subscriber Rate


The Proximus Group is a provider of digital services and communication solutions operating in Belgium and international markets.




Private loyalty offers & deals

Acquire new customers and increase customer lifetime value with personal deals and coupons sent directly on messaging apps customers use every day.


Paid Ads on Instagram
Send customers from your Instagram ads to your DMs.

Recurring notifications 
Send personalised offers to your messaging subscriber list. 

Entry points
Paid and organic entry points on social, website and owned channels.



Total App Install Rate


RN Subscriber Rate


Drive incremental sales with seamless shopping experiences and personalized product recommendations.

Push notifications

Increase engagement with 80% Messenger notification opt-ins and reach contacts directly.


Collect customer signals to improve personalization and increase order frequency with hyper relevant offers.

Audience growth

Build new seed audiences that grow with each event and activate younger customers on their preferred channel.

Ongoing engagement

Drive continuous value with a directly reachable messaging audience you can engage with free recurring notifications.


Nurture an ongoing relationship with each of your app users based on their individual preferences to accelerate acquisition and retention.

1 | Acquire users

with paid ads, organic search and social entry points, plus owned and offline channels.

2 | Engage & qualify

users to understand their individual preferences and build high value segments.

3 | Convert users

by sending personalized offers to segmented users in a private channel.

4 | Send notifications

to opted-in users on their preferred messaging app for ongoing engagement.

5 | Increasy loyalty

with tailored offers to boost app retention rates and customer LTV.


Proximus captures zero party data in a privacy-safe channel to improve customer profiles, segment audiences, and reach them directly

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Customer profile
Josh Raymond
First seen: November 21, 2022
Source: Instagram post
Proximus Instagram data capture


Proximus achieved a 37% of total app install rate and 17% of recurring notifications subscriber rate on Instagram with Spectrm

Adopting Instagram has brought great results to Proximus. The company managed to build a new audience and activate younger customers on the channel. 

Proximus drove app installs with a paid campaign on Instagram, then boosted retention with recurring notifications sent before each Belgium game during the 2022 World Cup.

Using Spectrm, they achieved: 

  • a 37% of total app install rate 
  • 17% of recurring notifications subscriber rate

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