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Zalando increases Ecommerce sales by sending offers in DMs to customers who react during their live shopping events


Incremental ROAS

+5 pts

Awareness uplift among Gen Z (2× above norm)


Of comments were shopping requests despite new format


Zalando is a European online platform for fashion and lifestyle, operating in 25 countries.


Fashion & Apparel 


Live shopping social commerce

Run live shopping events to multiply social engagement, drive sales and grow an audience that is reachable with messaging.


Direct message automation
Send a direct message to each customer who reacts during your live events. 

Retargeting messages
Build an audience and send notifications for ongoing engagement.

Entry points
Paid and organic entry points on social, website and owned channels.



Incremental ROAS

+5 pts

Awareness uplift among Gen Z (2× above norm)


Of comments were shopping requests despite new format


Zalando's messaging strategy solves the major challenges fashion brands face with live shopping and repeat engagement

It’s hard to maintain engagement and convert customers during live shopping events. 

Customers often don’t get the information they are looking for or an answer when they interact with the brand during a live shopping event. Due to constant privacy updates, social media platforms also lack data tracking capabilities. 

So how did messaging help marketers at Zalando connect with their audiences and convert customers on Messenger during live shopping events? 

Live engagement

Increase engagement with your live shopping by making it simple and effortless to interact with the event.


Collect customer signals to improve personalization and increase order frequency with hyper relevant offers.

Audience growth

Build new seed audiences that grow with each event and activate younger customers on their preferred channel.

Ongoing engagement

Drive continuous value with a directly reachable messaging audience you can engage with free recurring notifications.


Zalando nurtures an ongoing relationship with each customer based on their individual preferences to increase lifetime value

Here’s an overview of the Zalando customer journey from start to finish.

It shows you how to send audiences into Messenger from social and owned channels, how to engage and qualify them during live shopping events, typical conversion paths, and then how to re-engage them to increase customer lifetime value.

1 | Acquire users

with paid and organic entry points on social, your website, and owned channels.

2 | Engage & qualify

users to understand their individual needs and notify on day of event.

3 | Convert users

by sending personalized products in DMs to every customer that engages.

4 | Send notifications

to opted-in users on their preferred messaging app for ongoing engagement.

5 | Increasy loyalty

with tailored offers and events to grow sales and boost customer LTV.


Zalando captures zero party data in a privacy-safe channel to improve customer profiles, segment audiences, and reach them directly

Engaging and qualifying customers in chat during live shopping events helps Zalando capture zero party data on their preferences. They use this to personalize the buyer journey in real-time and send a private offer.

Below is an example of how Zalando structures the data from chat to build audience segments and re-engage customers one to one with push notifications from Messenger.

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Customer profile
Elena Flick
First seen: September 20, 2022
Source: Facebook Live Event Fall 2022


Zalando achieved 3.2x incremental ROAS and +5 pts awareness lift among Gen Z

Zalando increased engagement with live shopping by making it simple and effortless to interact with the event via messaging. 

The company sent special offers to each customer who reacted during their live shopping event in a one to one Messenger conversation. This allowed Zalando to not only engage their prospects but also grow a continuously monetizable new audience.

The campaign was a big success among customers, as 64% of comments were shopping requests despite the new format. 

The Messenger conversations also enabled Zalando to collect valuable insights voluntarily shared by customers about their shopping preferences and habits. Using the zero party data, Zalando provided customers with personalized offers. 

As a result, Zalando achieved: 

  • 3.2x incremental ROAS
  • +5 pts awareness uplift among Gen Z (2x above norm)

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