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Connect with your audience on Facebook Messenger. Instantly.

Personally engage 2.4 billion customers in real-time on Facebook Messenger. Automate your growth with Messenger marketing chatbots using Spectrm.

Your customers want to message your brand and shop on Messenger.


billion people use Messenger on Facebook and Instagram.


of consumers want to connect with brands using messaging.


of people will purchase online if they can ask questions in real-time.

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Take your Facebook campaigns to the next level with click to Messenger ads.

Connect directly with every prospect on Facebook and Instagram using click to Messenger ads. Reduce your acquisition costs, qualify leads, and build lasting customer relationships that drive sales.


Respond to customers in real-time on the messaging app they use every day.

Your audience wants to message you on Facebook before they buy. Accelerate purchase decisions by engaging customers in their moment of need with timely and personalized recommendations.


Get customers into your Messenger bot from anywhere.

Use Messenger links to send people into your bot from channels where they already engage. Start a more valuable conversation on Messenger from emails, text messages, websites and more.


Send personalized drip campaigns on Messenger that get results.

Segment and retarget customers directly in Messenger using declared data they share with you in chat. Automate personalized follow up messages that get 10x higher engagement than email.


Personalize customer experiences at every stage of your marketing funnel.

Acquire customers and build lasting relationships with one to one messaging experiences powered by intelligent marketing chatbots.


Unlock insights and revenue with Messenger marketing automation.

From guided shopping experiences to buyer education and lead qualification. Messenger bots powered by Spectrm generate first-party data that drives performance.

“Strategic developer partners like Spectrm have shown that businesses can build long-lasting relationships with people through Messenger that drive real business results.”

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Launch fast.

Get industry-leading time to market with your dedicated onboarding specialist.

No coding required.

Design and optimize your chatbot with no internal engineering resources.

Ready for success.

Maximize your ROI with our experienced conversational success managers.

Join the marketers automating their growth with Spectrm Messenger marketing bots.

Frequently asked questions

A Facebook Messenger bot is a chatbot that operates on Facebook Messenger. Messenger bots automate one to one conversations between a brand and a customer on social media. They are designed to guide customers, understand responses, personalize experiences, offer recommendations, and drive business outcomes.

Facebook Messenger bots are automated conversations that can take the form of guided experiences that follow a scripted path with a decision-tree logic. They can also be used to qualify leads and capture contact details. Messenger bots that drive marketing performance the most are able to understand natural human language, using conversational AI to understand customer intents and respond intelligently.

Facebook Messenger Ads are a great way to get new users into your Facebook Messenger bot in order to achieve your marketing campaign objectives. Messenger ads look like any other ad on Facebook or Instagram and are available for many Facebook ad formats, including feed ads, in-Messenger ads, Instagram stories and more. Instead of leading the user to a landing page, Facebook Messenger lead them into a direct messaging conversation with your business on Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger ads are only effective when you are able to engage and personalize every interaction with your audience immediately after they click an ad. Click to Messenger campaign performance therefore relies on having a chatbot connected to Facebook Messenger that can interact with your customers at scale. Learn how to create Click-to-Messenger ads here and be sure to download our whitepaper on how to build a Click-to-Messenger campaign on Facebook optimized for conversions at scale.
Connecting a Messenger bot to your Facebook Messenger ads is easy. All you need to do is generate a bot payload into a specific conversation. It only takes one click to generate a payload with Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform. Once you have a bot payload, you go into your Facebook Ads Manager and create a Messenger campaign. When creating an ad in this campaign, Messenger setup is where you set your prompts for customers to engage after having clicked an ad. This is where you connect your Messenger bot using payloads. Learn more on integrating Spectrm bots with Facebook Messenger ads here.

Yes! Conversational social media marketing using chatbots is a feedback-driven, two-way process that personalizes every message based on what your customers tell you they actually want.

Social messaging bots built with Spectrm gather vast amounts of customer data that can allow better personalization at scale. Analytics on user data and engagement can be used to optimize marketing efforts and enhance retargeting efficiency.

Chatbots built with Spectrm can serve as a personal shopper and guide customers along the buyer journey with relevant information, tailoring the purchase process to suit the needs of each consumer. Chatbots can also build on existing customer relationships to build brand loyalty by improving the customer experience.

Facebook chatbots are proving themselves to be a very useful tool for brands to connect with consumers at scale and increase their ROI. They offer your customers a better way to engage with your brand. For social media marketers, they offer a treasure trove of declared data about customers and an easy way to personalize every experience from ad click to purchase. Leveraging marketing chatbots on social media is the key to staying ahead in today’s competitive business landscape. Below are some ways marketing chatbots can grow your business. Guided shopping eCommerce bots offer customers seamless shopping experiences that improve conversion rates and help optimize eCommerce marketing funnels. They can recommend products to customers in real-time based on their preferences. Lead generation bots prospect, qualify and acquire customers by personalizing every buyer journey. They can build value, simplify product discovery and qualify your leads instantly without forms. Chatbots can automate your social inbox with chat funnels that convert customers and respond to their needs 24/7. Brand loyalty bots build brand loyalty by increasing awareness, offering samples and collecting reviews. App install chatbots increase click to install and retention rates with product education journeys and automated re-engagement messages. Content discovery bots drive higher value qualified traffic by guiding customers to the most relevant content based on their needs.
Bots can become a performance marketing channel that has increasing returns on ad spend, compared to the diminishing returns most facebook marketing tools typically see. As you collect more declared data and conversational data, you can optimize your Messenger bot funnel to perform better with each iteration. Messenger bots built with Spectrm can achieve up to 9x more return on ad spend than website traffic or conversion campaign objective campaigns that lead to a landing page. Facebook chatbots have many unique benefits compared to other FB marketing tool:
  • Messenger bots can reduce ad fatigue and help lower CPMs. High ad frequency on Facebook increases your CPMs and annoys your customers. Messenger bot marketing helps avoid ad fatigue by reducing the need for high ad frequency to move customers through your marketing funnel. Instead, you can personalize a customer’s experience of your brand from the first touchpoint and move them from discovery to consideration to action in a single interaction.
  • Messenger marketing drives conversions by making it easy to find relevant relevant products and content. Messenger bots guide customers through the purchase funnel by offering relevant information and product recommendations. Customers are able to find what matters most to them, browse products and click directly onto product landing pages from a chat.
  • Messenger bots enable real-time communication. This instantaneous and customized communication helps meet customer needs in the moment. You engage your customer in their highest moment of intent with a positive experience that makes buying from you intuitive and easy.
  • Messenger bots create a frictionless experience. Using bots to guide customers to relevant products directly on Messenger means you can add more value before forcing them off of Facebook and onto your page. This creates a more seamless in-app experience and presents more opportunities to convince someone to buy before visiting your website.
  • Messenger bots unlock audience insights you can’t get from other Facebook marketing tools to build better segments and lookalike audiences. Bots capture declared data about what your customers actually want. This customer insights data can personalize their experiences in real-time but can also help build more meaningful audience segments in order to improve prospecting lookalike audiences. Customer data can also be pushed to your CRM to maintain accurate customer profiles.