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Fantasy Premier League drives app retention by engaging users with exclusive content and prizes on Messenger


avg. opt-in for recurring notifications


CTR for recurring notification messages


Premier League is the highest level of the men’s English football league system, contested by 20 clubs. 




Mobile App Retention

Drive app retention and revenue per user with recurring notifications on Messenger.


Click to Messenger ads
Take your Facebook ads to the next level with Messenger.

Retargeting messages
Send notifications to opted-in users based on their individual preferences.

Entry points
Click to Messenger ads and social posts.



avg. opt-in for recurring notifications


CTR for recurring notification messages


Premier League's messaging strategy solves the major challenges mobile apps face with engaging less active app user segments

It’s hard to engage less active mobile app users to increase retention KPIs.

Many people limit, or completely turn off,  mobile app notifications on their phones. Apple’s App Tracking Transparency framework also makes collecting customer signals for retargeting more difficult. App uninstall win back campaigns are complex and costly.

So how did messaging help mobile app marketers at Premier League connect with their audiences and increase app retention?

Push notifications

Increase engagement with 80% Messenger notification opt-ins and reach contacts directly even if they uninstall your app.


Collect customer signals to improve personalization and increase order frequency with hyper relevant offers.

Audience growth

Build new seed audiences for campaign targeting and activate younger customers on their preferred channel.

Ongoing engagement

Drive continuous value with a directly reachable messaging audience you can engage with free recurring notifications.


Premier League nurtures an ongoing relationship by converting specific segments directly from their app into their preferred messaging channel

Here’s an overview of the Premier League customer journey from start to finish.

It shows you how to send audiences into Messenger from Facebook ads, how to engage and qualify them, typical conversion paths, and then how to re-engage them to increase customer lifetime value.

1 | Acquire users

with paid and organic entry points.

2 | Engage & qualify

understanding each user needs and preferences.

3 | Convert users

into your app to redeem offers.

4 | Send notifications

to opted-in users based on their individual preferences.

5 | Increasy loyalty

with tailored offers to continuously drive app traffic and LTV.


Premier League captures zero party data in a privacy-safe channel to improve customer profiles, segment audiences, and reach them directly

Incentivising less active app users in chat with a guided experience helps Premier League capture zero party data on their preferences. They use this to personalize the buyer journey in real-time and send exclusive content and special prizes. 

Below is an example of how Premier League structures the data from chat to build audience segments and re-engage customers one to one with push notifications from Messenger.

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Customer profile
Thomas Barbely
First seen: September 20, 2022
Source: Facebook profile message button


Premier League increases customer engagement and app retention with exclusive content and in-app prizes

It’s not easy to encourage users to use an app once they downloaded it. Premier League managed to incentivize their less active app users by offering exclusive content and in-app special prizes in a fully automated guided experience on Messenger. 

Using zero party data from chat conversations to understand customer needs, Premier League sent special prizes on Messenger that could be redeemed in their mobile app. This encouraged customers to use the app, significantly increasing app retention rates. 

The personalized offers sent via Messenger also enabled Premier League to reach each contact directly even if they uninstalled the app and win back users with special coupons. 

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