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Browns Helps Customers Find the Perfect Gift with a Guided Shopping Chatbot

Browns uses Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform to make it easy for customers to find gifts during the high volume sale holiday period.

Messaging channel: Facebook Messenger

Language: English


Higher Conversion Rates


Increase in Avg. Cart Value


Guided Shopping Bot


Browns is an iconic British fashion and luxury goods boutique, operating two retail stores in London as well as an ecommerce store.


Fashion & Apparel


Social messaging

Automate 1:1 conversations at scale on Facebook Messenger.

Retargeting messages

Send personalized retargeting messages that drive action.

Conversation analytics

Optimize your customer journey with step-by-step funnel data.

The Challenge: Make it Easy for Customers to Find Gifts During the Holiday Season

Browns wants to make it easy for customers to find gifts during the high volume sale holiday period. They need:
  1. Personalization. Browns wants to provide every customer with personalized gift recommendations.
  2. Quick ROI. Browns only has limited time to launch and needs fast results and optimization.
  3. Convenience. Customers should be able to find their perfect gift in only a few clicks.

The Solution: A Gift Finding Conversational Marketing Bot

A conversational gift finder that provides personalized gift recommendations based on style preferences powered by Spectrm. This chatbot drove conversion rates 5x the normal on-site conversion rate with a 45% increase in average cart value!

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