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Ford Boosts Purchase Intent And Generates Leads in Conversational Display Ads

Ford boosts favorability, increases purchase intent and generates leads for their Ford Ranger model with a conversational assistant in Thailand built with Spectrm.

Marketing channel: Conversational Display Ads

Language: Thai

Now more than ever, we need new ways to make our marketing budgets work harder. Conversational Display Ads proved successful in both lifting our brand favorability and helping sell more Rangers this year.


relative lift in consideration (higher than auto benchmark)


relative lift in purchase intent (higher than auto benchmark)


reduction in cost per micro-conversion vs Ford benchmark


Ford is an American multinational automaker that operates in 200 countries around the world and employs over 166,000 people.




Conversational Display Ads

Chat with customers in conversational display units.

Conversation analytics

Optimize your customer journey with step-by-step funnel data.

Entrypoint manager

Split-test creative and targeting with different bot entrypoints.

The Challenge: Generate Leads and Increase Purchase Intent for Ford's New Vehicle Model

Ford needed an innovative way to boost favorability and purchase intent of their Ford Ranger vehicle in the context of increased competition in Thailand.

How could they stand out above the competition, increase demand for their vehicles and capture new leads?

The Solution: A Conversational Ad That Adapts to Customer Preferences in Real-Time

Ford was the first advertiser in Thailand to create a conversational display ad campaign engaging potential buyers to discover the Ranger benefits in a personalized way, at scale.

The assistant, built with Spectrm using deep insights from Ford’s media agency GTB, customizes the flow based on the user’s preferences and leads to different micro-conversions. These are tracked both in the bot and on the Ford website to get the full picture of the customer journey and measure the impact.

The Results: 38% Relative Lift in Purchase Intent That Beats the Automotive Industry Benchmark

For a similar cost to regular display this pioneering campaign succeeded in lifting both brand favorability and purchase intent in one single ad.

Micro-conversions results were significantly better than Ford’s benchmark. Moreover in Google’s first-ever Brand Lift Study, Ford achieved outsized lift across key mid-to-lower funnel metrics.

Ford achieved a 54% relative lift in consideration, which is higher than the automotive industry benchmark. They also achieved a 38% relative lift in purchase intent. This was also higher than the automotive industry benchmark. Finally, they also reduced their cost per micro-conversion, a key indicator for Ford’s marketing activities, by 40% compared to the Ford benchmark.

After these great initial results, Ford is now rolling out more conversational assistants with Spectrm.

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