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Introducing the new Campaign Studio: Here’s how to re-engage customers on messaging channels in the holiday season 

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Get to know our brand new Campaign Studio with all the game-changing features it comes.

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The holiday season is here! It’s not only “the most wonderful time of the year,” it’s also the most expensive for your ad budget. Considering constantly rising customer acquisition costs, maximizing revenue during the holiday season seems like a daunting task… 

That’s why re-engaging customers can be the best investment to get the most out of this year’s holiday season. Getting more from existing customers is far more efficient than paying to acquire new customers all the time. How can you generate repeat orders to grow customer lifetime value?

That’s where messaging channels come in. Not only have they an average of 80% open rate and 35% click-through rate, but even 64% of customers agree that they prefer to engage with brands via messaging

With our latest feature release, the new Campaign Studio, now it’s easier than ever to activate and re-engage your audience on these channels. 

Grow an audience on messaging channels, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, now. Then re-engage those audiences directly on those channels for free come the holiday season.

This is exactly what our brand new Campaign Studio enables you to do. Start time- and event-based campaigns easily, unified at the same interface. 

Build the audience now. Then send a personalized push notification during the holidays with a special offer just for them.

Why Re-Engage Your Audience on Messaging Channels?

With the busy holiday season on the horizon, more shoppers, more purchases, and higher profits are the goals. But competition is fierce, budgets are tight and customers leave you for the competition in the blink of an eye. 

This leaves little room for error when it comes to crafting a holiday marketing strategy. 

So what can you do? 

Create a direct one-to-one connection with your customers on messaging channels. 

The best part? You can re-engage them directly on that messaging channel. 

You’re already paying for email subscribers by offering discounts. But messaging has 80% open rates and 35% CTR on average. It makes email look like a dinosaur. And not the cool kind of dinosaur kids want for Christmas. This is more like the type that gets you into hot water when you need to report on your campaign results after the holidays.

Why messaging? Because it’s customer-first and privacy-first. It creates fully automated, personalized one-to-one conversations with customers on the platforms where they already are. 

Introducing the new Campaign Studio

We’re excited to introduce our new Campaign Studio, previously known as the Re-engagement Page, with a totally new look and game-changing new capabilities. All new features are available in our faster, smarter platform with easier navigation.

Why did we relaunch our Re-engagement Page as the Campaign Studio? 

You shared your daily challenges with us and we listened. We received feedback from you that re-engaging audiences required too much effort and time to go to different places and do a number of different actions. With the new Campaign Studio, we offer a centralized place where you can easily re-engage your customers on several messaging channels. 

Our goal with the new Campaign Studio was to: 

  • Unify all sending features to three platforms, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. 
  • Modernize our backend services for smooth and faster message sending. 
  • Give our customers the possibility to see what’s been sent out. 
  • Provide more monitoring capabilities. 

The new Campaign Studio comes with new features and capabilities, enabling time- and event-based sending on the three most important messaging platforms, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. But that’s just the beginning. Here are the new features that are available in the Campaign Studio. 

Select Channel and Sender

When you set up a new campaign, now you have to select a channel and sender both for time- and event-based campaigns. This action is needed to define the sending policy and what kind of messages can be sent in certain campaigns and channels. 

Previously, all campaigns were sent out to all active users. It was not possible to select certain pages or users, even tests were sent out to every page. Now, you can select the page and phone number that receives the message. As such, it is possible to exclude certain users from campaigns.

Time-Based Campaigns

Using time-based campaigns, you can specify what message you want to send and schedule the time of sending. We also introduced a 5 minute offset after immediate sending, allowing you to call back unwanted messages. Time-based sending is ideal if you want to manually reach out to your audience. 

Time-based campaigns are a great opportunity to start scheduled campaigns before and during the holiday season. Even when most of your employees are out on holiday, you can easily schedule the campaigns before. It is also possible to use recurring notifications as a token, and therefore re-engage those customers who previously agreed for an opt-in.

What is a recurring notification? 

Recurring notifications, a feature released by Meta, enables businesses to turn customers into frequent buyers by offering them to opt in for promotional updates, new product announcements, appointment reminders, special discounts, loyalty program updates, and so on. It also provides a great opportunity to re-engage customers with holiday campaigns. 

Note: When you start a time-based campaign, make sure to choose whether you want to send it via a WhatsApp template or recurring notifications template.  

Event-based Campaigns

Event-based campaigns are ideal if you want to set up different triggers. If an event is triggered by the user, you can send event-based campaigns. An event can be a conversation goal, a certain token or attribute. 

The new event-based sending is similar to the previous automation page. You need to define the event first that triggers the automation for a particular user, and then you can also specify the sending schedule. 

What else is new? You can add segmentations, for example, you can only target specific users, who haven’t clicked a certain link. 

The interface looks cleaner and is easier to navigate. Event-based sending is now available with WhatsApp templates. 

Conversation & Notification Preview

One major benefit of the new Campaign Studio is that the interface offers a preview of the messages you send out. Once you select a conversation in the setup flow, the platform renders a preview of the conversation and shows the first part of it as a notification preview. 

Once the first message of the conversation is shown, the platform also calculates how the notification on the lock screen will likely look like (it is an approximation as every user has a different device and operating system). 

Having a preview into the lock screen notification is vital in customer re-engagement, as this is the trigger that appears on customers’ lock screen, which makes them open the message and convert. That’s exactly why this feature comes handy when you’re planning your holiday campaigns. 

Campaigns Overview Screen

We’re also excited to show you our new campaign overview screen that includes information on what you have sent, to whom, and at what time. The overview screen is separated into two sections for time- and event-based campaigns. This is also the interface where you can inspect campaigns, double-check the scheduled time, and see how many people received the messages. You will also see eventually errors of sending. 

It is also possible to repeat the sending. So let’s say you set up a voucher campaign for every Thursday, from now on, you can just go to the campaign overview screen and repeat the sending. A new campaign window will appear with the same targeting information, and you just need to update the time and what conversation you want to send. 

Campaign Analytics

One important new feature we introduced with the Campaign Studio is that you can now view key metrics and repeat the sending. This will duplicate the campaign while you can change the timing, messaging, or segmentation.

The overview screen is now separated into two sections for time- and event-based campaigns. With the new release, we are introducing additional columns that contain information on what was sent to whom and at which time. As such, you can have a total overview of what has been sent out. 

Successful Campaign Season with Spectrm is Here

Re-engaging customers during the holiday season is how marketers see results in 2023. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new Campaign Studio, with new capabilities to scale customer retention and generate more revenue. 

Excited to try out the Campaign Studio? Log in now or talk to our team. 

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