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How brands are failing to deliver positive customer experiences on Facebook

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Get key insights from the Spectrm report on how brands are failing to deliver positive customer experiences on Facebook. Download our free whitepaper.

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There’s little doubt that brands care about customer experiences. Job titles containing customer experience have been steadily on the rise and some analysts even suggest return on experience (ROX) is now the key KPI for marketing teams. That metric might prove very hard to measure but it begs the question. With so much focus on the impact of customer experience on acquisition and retention, why are brands failing to deliver it on social media?

An easy way to test your customer experience

We contacted 132 of the largest brands and 110 of the largest direct-to-consumer brands on Facebook (based on number of page likes). We sent a message from a personal Facebook profile to each of their US Facebook pages with a transaction- or business-related request.

You would expect major brands, especially direct-to-consumer companies built on positive customer experiences, to reply quickly and engage potential customers showing high intent to purchase. The reality is a very different story.

Brands with slow response times are neglecting their customers

Considering how much these brands invest on Facebook, it’s shocking how few are using the opportunity to drive growth on Messenger. 85% of brands didn’t respond to a message within the first 5 minutes. That’s ignoring your customer precisely at their moment of highest intent.

Only 32% of brands followed up within an hour. The breakdown of response times and methods in the report clearly shows that brands are struggling to engage customers on their preferred communication channel.

Download the whitepaper

Want more insight on how brands fail to engage their customers on Facebook? Download a copy of the whitepaper and find out how easily the customer experience problem can be fixed.

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