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Nationwide’s VP of Personal Lines Marketing on Providing Care at Scale Throughout the Customer Journey

Tiffany Grinstead on providing care at scale throughout the customer journey.
Learn from Nationwide's VP of Personal Line Marketing, how you can provide care at scale through the whole customer journey.

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In this episode of One to One: the Consumer Marketing Podcast, Ben speaks to Tiffany Grinstead, VP of Personal Lines Marketing at Nationwide. Together they discuss how Nationwide uses marketing channels to help customers through their claims or servicing journey, the importance of gathering and using data when providing personalization at scale, and actionable advice for marketers looking to improve their efforts.

“The first piece is to make sure you understand the journey. Personalization has to fit in your customer’s journey, or the journey you want them to be having. So that’s really where it has to start. The second piece to really think about is the data. Understand that the data journey is probably longer than you think it is, it’s probably more complex than you think it is. And so you’ve got to have a really strong roadmap for that.” – noted Tiffany. 

Topics discussed:

  • How Nationwide meets people in the customer journey at different moments by focusing on segments and using data to drive their efforts.
  • What tools Nationwide uses to manage their customer interactions, and why gathering and analyzing customer data is an integral part of the system.
  • The challenges to personalization at scale, including data collection, technology integration, and cross-team collaboration.
  • What channels are giving them the most success, including social media and social selling, and how they continue to make an impact with email.
  • Why user-generated content is one of the most exciting trends happening in consumer marketing today.
  • Three pieces of advice for those wanting to increase their consumer marketing impact — and why it’s key to have small wins to push you forward.
  • What the future of marketing will look like, and how AI will change personalization and add value to the customer journey.

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