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How leading Facebook brands fail to convert their customers

man on green bench on cell phone looking at how companies fail to convert their customers
Avoid the mistakes of leading brands who fail to handle transactions on Facebook Messenger. Read about opportunities to engage with customers through Messenger.

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Messaging is one of the biggest marketing opportunities of the next 5-10 years yet fewer than 1% of brands leverage chat for growth. With Instagram Direct opening for business in May and over 10 billion messages already sent each month on FB Messenger between businesses and customers, the opportunity to reap first-mover advantage is there for the taking. So why are brands failing to convert their customers?

A simple test to see if brands can handle transactions on Messenger

Leading Facebook brands clearly invest a lot of time and money on building up their social following. You would expect these brands to leverage Messenger to drive transactions. Particularly direct-to-consumer brands built on owning their customer data and simplifying online transactions. That’s pretty low hanging marketing fruit. The reality shows just how much money is being left on the table.
We contacted 132 of the largest brands and 110 of the largest direct-to-consumer brands on Facebook (based on number of page likes). We sent a message from a personal Facebook profile to each of their US Facebook pages with a transaction-related request. The results?

92% of brands can’t handle transactions

You read that right. 92% of leading Facebook brands can’t handle transactions on Messenger. That’s not just leaving money on the table. With the amount of money invested on the platform, that’s tantamount to throwing buckets of cash out the window.
Customers are engaging with brands on Messenger more every day. Smart brands make transactions seamless and easy. Few marketing success stories start with brands adding more steps for customers to make a purchase. It’s shocking how many leading Facebook brands are failing to drive conversions on the one channel their customers increasingly engage them.

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Want more insight on how brands fail to drive transactions with their customers on Facebook? Download a copy of the whitepaper and find out how easily the transaction problem can be fixed.

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