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Watching the Trends: The Positive Present and Tech-Filled Future of Marketing – Podcast with Erik Huberman

Erik Huberman, CEO & Founder of Hawke Media on marketing trends
Learn from Erik Huberman, CEO & Founder of Hawke Media, about current marketing trends, and why basic marketing techniques are working.

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In this episode, Ben speaks to Erik Huberman, CEO & Founder of Hawke Media. Together they discuss the current state of marketing today, how trends are pointing upwards and not towards a recession, the benefits of doing marketing with both an agency and in-house, and why basic marketing techniques still provide the best returns.

Topics discussed:

  • How brands can evaluate whether to do their marketing in-house or outsource to an agency — and why the best solution is a combination of both, not either/or.
  • The impact — or lack thereof — that iOS 14 had on the ability to measure marketing efforts, and why useful data is still available to track.
  • The current state of consumer marketing, and how trends show that businesses are continuing to grow despite the rumors of recession.
  • Why Hawke Media collects data from the companies they work with, what metrics they track, and how they use benchmarking to inform their strategies.
  • Which channels are currently providing great returns for brands, which are up-and-coming, and which are lagging in their returns.
  • Why personalization is overvalued and how it can be improved to offer hyperspecific assistance to customers through practical means.
  • Where the future of marketing is going, and how AI — and specifically ChatGPT — will help shape it. 

“It’s just Modern Marketing 101. The basics honestly work. If you have a good product, and you run the basic scalable marketing approach, and you have good people that know how to use the platforms, you should be successful. Good product is the variable. If you have a good product, people will come back because repeat purchasing, word of mouth, all those things are really what drive business success. You can’t buy every customer every time.” – Erik Huberman

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