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Say hi to the new Spectrm AI 👋🪄

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Take 30 seconds to watch how Spectrm AI transforms how marketers build and optimize chatbots.

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Build smarter bots faster with Spectrm AI

ChatGPT took the world by storm. Wondering what it means for your marketing team?

Trying to figure out how to make AI actually useful for your everyday work?

We’ve been working with large language models like GPT for years. Generative AI has been doing work behind the scenes so your chatbot can understand your customers and respond intelligently.

Now you can unleash the power of generative AI as you create, right inside Spectrm.

Design bots faster. Write better. Update copy style instantly. Generate customer intents and on-brand bot responses in a few clicks.

Watch our launch video above to see how you can make your marketing bot smarter in minutes.

This is just the beginning. We’re bringing the power of generative AI to every workflow in Spectrm. So you can create and optimize bots with AI helping you every step of the way.

Want to see how Spectrm AI will help you create amazing conversational customer experiences faster? Get a demo.

Here’s a sneak peek at more AI tools coming soon to Spectrm AI

  • Writing assistant – Generate high-quality and engaging content in seconds as you build your chatbot with the help of your personal AI writing assistant.
  • Bot persona – Change the style of copy and tone of your bot instantly to match your brand tone of voice.
  • Universal translator – Translate entire conversations in two clicks so you can launch your chatbot in new markets with no translation costs.
  • Magic product feed – Go beyond simple search results and enable your bot to recommend products to customers based on questions or prompts in a natural conversation.

How we’re making AI marketing chatbots smarter, brand-safe and secure for global brands

AI chatbots are evolving fast. ChatGPT is the fastest-growing consumer product in history. It changed consumer perception of chatbots forever.

Businesses are scrambling to figure out how to unlock the power of AI for customer conversations and marketing. But when it comes to brands using AI chatbots to have one to one conversations with customers, ChatGPT falls short. 

Creating smarter chatbots that are brand-safe and secure for global brands requires a hybrid approach. Here are 6 ways we’re improving OpenAI’s powerful large language models with Spectrm to empower brands to scale one to one conversational marketing.

Enrich chat conversations with your data

ChatGPT only uses information from the public internet. It’s outdated, can be inaccurate, and doesn’t include any proprietary information about your brand. 

Spectrm enriches chat with your own data, like product feeds, FAQs, and your CRM. That means you can recommend relevant products, answer highly specific questions about your business, and even pull in customer data to make conversations more personal, relevant, and useful.

Protect your brand safety

ChatGPT hallucinates and can give inaccurate, biased, or harmful responses. That’s a serious problem when it comes to one to one communication between your brand and your customers. 

Spectrm uses scripted responses to stay on brand and 100% accurate. That means marketers can control every message the chatbot sends to customers. Ensure it’s always on-brand, accurate, and drives an outcome that’s valuable to your customers and your business.

Never share sensitive data

Direct integration with ChatGPT would mean sharing your customer messages with OpenAI’s API in order to generate a response. It also means OpenAI uses your customer data to train their models. But sharing sensitive customer data with third-parties is a big problem for global brands. Customers want their data protected, not shared.

Spectrm is a firewall between customer messages and AI models that protects customer privacy and your business. With Spectrm, you can use the generative AI capabilities of GPT, while ensuring you’re not sharing sensitive customer data with OpenAI directly.

Get smarter with every message

ChatGPT loses context across multiple chats and doesn’t help you learn what your customers want. It uses feedback to train its model, but it doesn’t help your business identify customer intent over time to train your own brand-specific conversational AI.

Spectrm builds a library of customer intents specifically for your brand so your bot gets smarter and smarter with every message. Combine machine learning with human supervision to validate responses and train your own conversational AI.

Respond instantly to customers

GPT responds slowly because it queries the large language model every time people send a message. That’s especially true when customers ask specific questions, which is normal in one to one communication with your brand. But messaging is about instant communication. Slow responses create negative customer experiences.

Spectrm chatbots respond using scripted responses from your customer intent library. So your bot responds instantly to customers with a brand-safe and vetted message.

Reduce your costs

GPT is expensive at scale because it queries the large language model every time and charges per query. But querying those models is expensive, and in most cases unnecessary. 

Spectrm scales with no additional cost because it matches your queries to your customer intent library. That means fast responses, at scale, with no additional costs.

Smarter, brand-safe, and secure AI marketing chatbots are here

AI is evolving fast. Businesses that don’t adapt will be left behind.

We sit at a defining moment. Brands have the opportunity to use AI-powered marketing chatbots to engage and convert their customers at scale. To create memorable and personal customer experiences.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Spectrm AI. A continuously evolving set of AI tools that make one to one conversational marketing easier to build, optimize, and scale for global brands.

Ready to start a conversation? Talk to our team.

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