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iRobot’s Erin Bonsang on the Importance of Shifting and Pivoting Quickly in Retention and Lifecycle Marketing

iRobot’s Erin Bonsang on the Importance of Retention and Lifecycle Marketing
Learn more from iRobot's Erin Bonsang why shifting quickly in retention and lifestyle marketing is essential.

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Ben speaks with Erin Bonsang, Head of Owned Channels, Web, eCommerce & CRM, at iRobot. Erin has over 20 years of experience in consumer marketing and has worked with a variety of brands, such as Hasbro. 

During the episode, they cover a range of topics, including retention and loyalty marketing strategies, onboarding and reengaging customers in the robotics industry, personalizing the customer journey, the power of data and storytelling, and more! 

Topics discussed: 

  • Why Erin describes the state of digital marketing as frenetic and her advice for marketers to build on their foundation in the fast-paced industry  
  • The importance of continually improving channels, messaging, target, and experiences in consumer marketing
  • The importance of shifting and pivoting quickly in retention and lifecycle marketing
  • Marketing is essentially a feedback process, and the faster you can close that feedback loop, the more you’re going to perform as a marketer and as a brand in a very competitive space.
  • Delivering value to customers over the long term in the robotic vacuum cleaner category
  • Understanding customer personas to drive usage and additional purchases
  • The benefits of conversion rate optimization and personalization for improving customer experiences
  • Direct-to-consumer shopping and the importance of the customer experience
  • The role of experience as a differentiator in the next five years
  • Erin’s advice to marketers is simple yet powerful. By relying on data, using the information at their fingertips, and being agile, marketers can navigate the rapidly changing marketing landscape and achieve success  

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