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How to Use Facebook Messenger for Business to Drive Sales & Increase ROI

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Learn how Spectrm chatbots can be used on Facebook Messenger to acquire new customers, increase conversions and improve ROI.

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Facebook Messenger is rapidly becoming an indispensable marketing tactic for businesses in all industries. With over 1.3 billion users globally, and expectations for the number growing to 2.4 billion users by 2021, it is a valuable asset for enterprises.

Facebook Messenger for Business provides endless opportunities and massive potential for companies worldwide. Chatbots built with Spectrm can be used on Facebook Messenger to personalize engagement at scale, acquire new customers, and generate valuable customer insights to increase conversions and improve ROI for your business.

Facebook Messenger for Businesses

Messaging is the fastest-growing mode of communication for friends, family, and increasingly, businesses. Facebook Messenger for Business is one of the messaging apps companies use most to communicate and connect with customers and prospects. It allows enterprises to develop rewarding conversations with customers.

Rather than a “one to many”, impersonal and ineffective approach to marketing. Facebook Messenger enables a one to one approach to marketing that enables brands to personalize every touchpoint with a customer, even before they land on your website.

Remarkably, customers are increasingly opting to message businesses rather than call or email them. Research shows that a majority of consumers — 64%, contend that messaging is their preferred way of communicating with brands.

As such, Facebook Messenger offers immense opportunities for businesses to engage customers, generate sales, and increase profitability. With Facebook Messenger for Business, you can:
  • Cultivate trust in your brand. Your organization becomes easier to trust if it is open to dialogue. The fact that a customer can message a business anytime makes them feel more confident about it.
  • Generate quality leads. When a person contacts you on Facebook Messenger, it creates an opportunity for follow-up, which can generate leads.
  • Increase the intent to purchase. Did you know that 65% of people are likely to buy from a business they can contact on chat?
  • Drive marketing performance and optimize your marketing funnel, as shown by these Messenger success stories.
  • Offer quality customer service. A survey conducted by Facebook revealed that 75% of respondents message businesses for support.

Facebook Messenger Stats

Facebook Messenger is no longer a good-to-have, but a must-have for businesses. Below are statistics to prove it.

  • Messenger is the number one messaging app in the US, with 107.87 million users.
  • Forty million businesses are using Messenger.
  • Businesses exchange 20 billion messages in Messenger every month.
  • Messenger is the second most downloaded app worldwide after WhatsApp.
  • In the UK, 61% of people have messaged an organization in the last three months.
  • 53% of people are willing to purchase from a company they can message.
  • 1 in 2 people perceives business messaging as the contemporary way to communicate.
  • Messenger boasts sky-high open rates, 80%, and clickthrough rates of 60%.

Click-to-Messenger Ads

Click-to-Messenger ads are among the fastest-growing ad formats on Facebook. They appear anywhere conventional Facebook ads appear, such as News Feed, Columns, Stories, and Instagram. Once a person clicks an ad, they are directed into an automated conversation with your company on Messenger.

Your businesses can use these ads to accomplish a broad range of objectives. Whether you want to increase eCommerce sales with personalized shopping experiences, generate demand for your product and qualify leads in chat, or even drive awareness for your brand.

Messenger ads are a highly versatile performance marketing strategy when combined with the right tools to analyze and optimize your Messenger bot.

You can attain business goals such as driving sales, generating leads, and increasing ROI from your social campaigns. Also, click-to-messenger ads can greatly reduce your cost per acquisition by retargeting people who are mostly likely to convert with the right message at the right time.

Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business & Drive Sales with Spectrm-built Bots

There are many ways to use Messenger to increase sales and boost ROI with Spectrm marketing bots. Here are some of them.

1. Drive Engagement at Scale

With Facebook Messenger, you can engage with customers and prospects at scale. You can conveniently guide customers, offer responses, personalize experiences, provide recommendations, and drive business outcomes.

2. Meet Customers Where they Already are – on Facebook and Instagram

Did you know that Facebook has 1.4 billion users who spend 58 minutes on the platform daily? Also, they check Facebook 14 times a day? In addition to that, 1 billion people use instagram every month with 63% logging in daily. With Spectrm marketing bots, you can reach potential customers and engage them where they spend a significant amount of their time.

3. Personalize the Customer Experience

Among the prime benefits of Messenger bots built with Spectrm is the ability to provide personalized customer experiences using declared data. E-commerce chatbots identify customer intents and respond accordingly, and help customers find products most likely to convert quickly, especially in large product catalogues. This hyper-relevant and effortless personalized shopping experience increases the likelihood of conversion.

4. Content Discovery

According to HubSpot, 70% of marketers are engaging in content marketing. However, for content marketing to be effective, customers and prospects must seamlessly access the content. Facebook Messenger for Business guides users to the most relevant content based on their preferences and drives higher value traffic.

5. Improve Shopping Experience

Guided shopping bots are revolutionizing online shopping by improving shopping experiences. They recognize customer needs and initiate personalized conversations, suggest products, reply to queries, and return prospects to the buying process.

6. Unlock Social Data to Improve your Marketing

Messenger bots powered by Spectrm gather vast amounts of declared data that you can use to enhance personalization, improve retargeting efficiency, and optimize marketing.

Facebook Messenger Success Stories

Facebook Messenger bots built with Spectrm have helped countless brands drive sales and drastically improve their ROI. Here are a few examples.

The Swedish direct to consumer socks company was looking for a way to help customers navigate its extensive product catalog. They used a gift finder bot during the holidays to engage their audience on social in a fun and personalized way, recommend the best gift for their loved ones, which increased sales and improved their return on ad spend from Facebook campaigns. The Messenger bot built with Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform helped the company attain a 3x return on ad spend and 20% revenue uplift.

Thanks to a Messenger bot powered by Spectrm to teach young people to be breast aware, CoppaFeel achieved 3x higher ad recall and 30% action intent lift.

The global telecommunications company uses Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform to offer customers contracts to meet their specific needs. It has achieved a 9x contract conversion lift, 35% CTR to cart landing page, and 60% conversation completion rate.

BetterMe, a collection of Health and Fitness apps, employs Facebook Messenger and Spectrm conversational marketing solutions to provide users with personalized training plans based on their body type. Consequently, BetterMe recorded a 52% higher impression to install rate, 50% lower CPI vs. app install campaign, and 23% lower CPM vs. app install campaign.

The Takeaway

It’s no longer much of a secret, Facebook Messenger for Business is quickly becoming a key channel for the future of marketing. With billions of people on Messenger and more projected to use it in the near future, Messenger for Business offers a huge opportunity for growth for companies worldwide.
Facebook Messenger chatbots built with Spectrm position your business for success by personalizing engagement, generating valuable customer insights, enhancing customer experience, and increasing conversions.

If you are not taking advantage of Facebook Messenger marketing, now is the time to start. Learn how to leverage the marketing potential of Facebook Messenger for Business with Spectrm’s advanced bot marketing platform and analytics. Talk to a specialist and explore your use case for free today.

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