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How Personalizing Brand Experiences with Messenger Bots Can Scale Business Growth

Facebook Messenger bot built for personalized brand experiences
80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a business that offers personalized experiences. Facebook Messenger bots offer exactly that, on a large scale.

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Did you know that 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a business that offers personalized experiences? Today’s consumers expect personalization from enterprises, regardless of size and industry. Companies that invest in personalization to improve customer experience and build relationships are winning big time. Those that don’t prioritize personalization risk being pushed out of business as competition intensifies and consumer expectations evolve.

How important is it to personalize brand experiences?

  • 72% of consumers report they only engage with personalized messaging.
  • 63% of consumers stop doing business with companies that employ inferior personalization approaches.
  • 83% of consumers are willing to share personal data to get a personalized experience.
  • 51% of marketers are prioritizing personalization.

With these statistics, it is undisputed that personalization is more important than ever before. While there are many ways of delivering personalized experiences to customers, Messenger bots can help brands attain this goal on a large scale. Messenger bots personalize brand experiences on Facebook Messenger and Instagram Messenger, which generates leads, increases customer satisfaction, builds brand loyalty, and improves conversions and revenue.

What is a Messenger Bot?

A marketing chatbot engages consumers in a one to one conversation to drive an action important to your business. It combines guided conversation paths and the ability to respond to unexpected messages using conversational AI. . It is designed to guide customers, understand responses, offer recommendations, and execute tasks. Rather than downloading an app, making a phone call, or loading a webpage, social media chatbots can meet customers easily where they are already spending their time online. Chatbots can be convenient and time-saving for both brands and buyers.

A Messenger bot is a chatbot that operates on Facebook Messenger. It talks directly with a target audience from the billions of people who use the messaging app every month. Messenger bots are popular because they are a cost-effective way to engage a broad audience, personalize their brand experience in conversation and achieve specific outcomes. With people exchanging 2 billion messages with companies over Messenger monthly, a messenger bot is a perfect tool for B2C communication. With Spectrm, brands can not only connect with customers, but can gather valuable customer insights from the platform’s in-depth analytics dashboard.

How Facebook Messenger Bots Work

Each Messenger bot built with Spectrm is as unique as the company it serves. Businesses use bots to achieve different objectives. Two common types of messenger bots are guided shopping bots and lead generation bots.

Guided Shopping Bots

These bots aim to offer your customers seamless shopping experiences. They can recommend products to customers in real-time based on customer input and past purchases. Guided shopping bots increase the probability of conversion while reducing the chances of abandoned carts.
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Lead Generation Bots

These bots identify prospects, stimulate interest in your products, and establish a relationship with the lead. They generate more qualified leads by initiating personalized conversations with prospects. Lead generation bots provide prospects with personalized experiences, great convenience, and real-time interactions.

How Bots Built with Spectrm Increase Personalized Brand Experiences

Do not confuse messenger bots with the chatbots that appear on a business’ homepage to answer visitors’ queries. While such chatbots are reactive, messenger bots are proactive and meet customers and prospects where they are – on messaging apps.
Conversational marketing chatbots built with Spectrm integrate easily with Facebook Messenger to offer personalized customer experiences. They add value to the customer experience by delivering real-time and customized communication to meet the needs of customers where they already are online.
Below are several ways messenger bots powered by Spectrm offer more personalized brand experiences.
  • Bot communication is natural and casual. Therefore, it adds a personal feel to brand communications, which contributes significantly to establishing relationships between the customer and brand.
  • Messenger bots can build on existing customer relationships. This way, companies can build brand loyalty by improving customer experience.
  • A bot can serve as a personal shopper and guide customers along the buyer journey with relevant information. It tailors the purchase process to suit the needs of every consumer.
  • Bots go beyond functionality to deliver interactive experiences that cultivate personal relationships.
  • Bots built with Spectrm gather vast amounts of customer data that can allow better personalization at scale. Also, this data can be used to optimize marketing efforts and enhance retargeting efficiency.
  • Lead generation chatbots find prospects and offer customized experiences based on customer needs and increase engagement.

Examples of How Chatbots Built with Spectrm Personalized Customer Experiences

1. Telekom

The global telecommunication company, Telekom, had customer acquisition challenges as its revenue and customer base grew. The company struggled to provide personalized recommendations at scale. Also, it needed to know its customers better and get feedback from them. How could it take it’s highly personal, in-store shopping experience online?

With Spectrm, Telekom built a conversational contract finder bot on Facebook Messenger. The bot allowed people to find contracts that suit their needs. Also, it enabled Telekom to recommend relevant products to prospects while engaging customers at scale. With this bot, the telecommunications giant obtained a 9X contract conversion lift.

2. Vogue

Vogue, an iconic fashion and lifestyle magazine, sought to connect personally with its audience on social media networks. Using Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform, Vogue developed a horoscope chatbot on Facebook Messenger. The bot allowed the fashion guru to establish personal connections with their audience while engaging customers on a big scale. With their chatbot, Vogue was able to increase subscribers, grow its audience, and drive traffic.

3. Ford

Well known automotive brand, Ford wanted to connect with their customers online to generate leads and boost customer acquisition. With Spectrm, Ford created a Messenger bot for consumers to find, test drive and choose their dream car easily. By doing this, the company captured leads, built an audience, and increased traffic.

The Takeaway

Facebook Messenger & Instagram chatbots are here to stay. In this age of personalization, they are valuable tools for businesses to offer unique customer experiences. Currently, consumers are more demanding than ever. They want seamless buying experiences designed to fit their needs and expectations. Chatbots provide fun and personalized brand experiences to take your business to the next level.

It is time for companies to step up their personalization game with Messenger chatbots. Want to learn how you can personalize brand experiences at scale with Spectrm?

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