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Scaling Purpose Driven eCommerce Brands with Samir Elkamouny

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Listen to the latest episode of our podcast and learn how to scale eCommerce brands.

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In the next episode of our podcast, we speak with Samir Elkamouny about how to scale mission and purpose driven eCommerce brands. 

We’re thrilled to announce that the latest episode of our podcast is now live and available on your preferred channel. 

In this episode of One to One, the Conversational Marketing Podcast, we speak with Samir ElKamouny,  founder and CEO at Fetch and Funnel, a company that specializes in scaling eCommerce brands that are mission and purpose driven. Along with leading Fetch and Funnel, he’s also the host of a podcast called Ecom Growth Leaders which helps marketers learn how to scale their ecommerce efforts. He has been in the marketing industry for over 10 years and brings his knowledge into the episode this week. 

We discussed the following topics with Samir:

  • Samir’s career journey and why he decided to focus on mission-driven brands 
  • Why even a purpose that seems small could make a huge impact in the world 
  • How to outline your brand story and talk to the right audience 
  • Marketing and branding pitfalls to avoid 
  • Why every business should be surveying their customers 
  • Why Facebook Messenger is a good advertising tool for your brand 
  • Your marketing strategy can be as simple or as complex as you want as long as you have a strategy 
  • Avoiding the adopt and drop cycle of online marketing 
  • Why you should be thinking omnichannel with your marketing strategy 
  • The future of conversational marketing.

Listen to the latest episode for more eCommerce growth tips and best practices.  

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