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Entertaining Social Content to Connect with Modern Consumers – Podcast With Joe Anhalt

entertaining social content podcast with joe anhalt
Learn from Joe Anhalt how you can use entertaining social content to connect with modern customers.

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On the latest episode of One-to-One Conversational Marketing, we speak with Joe Anhalt, VP of Marketing at Koio. Joe has nearly a decade of marketing experience working with startups and more established organizations in the B2C space. 

Topics discussed include: 

  • How Joe’s foundation in startups and massive growth helped shape his perspective on one-to-one marketing 
  • The importance of autonomy to execute on a vision 
  • First party data and the value of understanding who your best customers are 
  • Joe’s process of segmentation and cohort analysis to better discern the most important customers 
  • How being a media company first helps build affinity for your brand
  • The channels Joe is seeing perform best and the data differences he’s seeing between them 
  • The trade offs between keeping your brand buttoned up versus letting it develop culture in the wild 
  • Marketing in an economic downturn and how to focus on the fundamentals of customer acquisition and lifetime value to grow a sustainable business  
  • Joe’s actionable advice on how to add more value to consumers by simplifying decisions, rather than adding to an abundance of choice
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