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Click to Messenger Ads: Build One to One Customer Relationships in High Intent Moments

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Find out how you can build one to one customer relationships with click to messenger ads in high intent moments!

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How many ads do you see in a day? And how many of them grab your attention?

Ad fatigue is the common cold of digital advertising. You’ve created eye-catching ads only to find out your customers have stopped paying attention to them. 

With the average person seeing up to 10,000 advertisements every single day, it was only a matter of time before people started to ignore online ads. 

Imagine that a prospect is scrolling through their Facebook feed, and they see your ad in their news feed. What are your chances of gaining their attention? Considering the above-mentioned statistics, not much. But what if you could invite them to talk to your brand and ask their questions directly in Messenger? 

The picture is clear: showing products in digital ads and hoping that customers will start talking to you is not enough anymore. But what is the secret formula then? 

Instead of talking at prospects, you need to talk with them. You have to proactively engage them through online ads. You have to talk to them and answer their questions. You have to educate them about your products. You have to get to know their purchasing habits. Then, you can provide them with personalized offers based on their preferences. 

This is exactly what you can do with Click to Messenger Ads. 

Click to Messenger Ads are a type of Facebook ad that direct prospects into Messenger once they clicked on the ad, allowing them to start a one to one conversation with brands. Just like other types of Facebook ads, they can be placed anywhere, including news feeds, Facebook stories, and even Instagram.

The great thing about using Click to Messenger Ads is that you can have a conversation with potential customers even before they reach your website or collect any information about your products. What’s even better is that you can start collecting data as soon as they click on your ad, which you can later use to build, segment and retarget audiences in Messenger. 

Click to Messenger Ads will pay you back even more than just the initial purchase. Why? Because they create a direct connection and retargeting channel with every single person who clicks on your ad.

This post will discuss the most important benefits of why your business should start messaging potential customers via Click to Messenger Ads. 

Click To Messenger Ads to Drive More Traffic Into Your Bot

If your business has a conversational Messenger bot up and running, you’re on track to take your customer experience to the next level. Your bot already talks to prospects, educates them about your products, and guides them through the buyer journey. But you need to bring new users into your bot to generate more sales. 

Having chatbots to assist your customers during the buying process is vital, but using the bot to acquire new ones is what will keep your business running. 

And this is where Click to Messenger Ads can make a real difference. Why? Because you can engage potential customers and introduce them to your products even before they get to know your business. Your Messenger bot can start a conversation with prospects and build interest for your business, which will help you turn leads into paying customers.

Furthermore, instead of a typical lead generation ad directing prospects to a form that they need to fill out, you can automatically get that information without even asking from anyone who starts chatting with you. 

What’s even better is that you can bring new potential customers into your bot not only from Facebook but also from Instagram. As 83% of Instagram users discover new products in the app, and 80% make purchase decisions right on Instagram, it’s not even a question if you should be there as well. 

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Automate and Personalize Lead Generation

Messaging is the preferred way customers want to communicate with a brand. In fact, 60% of customers prefer messaging over email or phone calls. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself in our latest research on the state of social conversational commerce in 2023

That’s another reason why Click to Messenger Ads are so efficient. Because they allow prospects to start one to one conversations with brands. 

However, there’s one problem with messaging. The time of your sales and customer service team is limited when they can answer messages. We know that handling all social messages manually takes a lot of time and effort. But what if you could automate your messaging with marketing chatbots? 

In order for brands to scale messaging, they’re going to have to use chatbots to fully automate their conversation flows. 

The ability to instantly reply to incoming direct messages will allow you to engage customers when they’re ready to buy. After directing prospects to your Messenger bot, you can send leads through a fully automated conversation flow. The result? A 24/7 available lead-generating machine. 

Automation is key but only if it’s done with a hint of personalization. Customers are comfortable interacting with bots as long as they’re able to get what they need. Adding some elements of personalization will definitely help provide customers with the experience they expect. 

After sending prospects to your Messenger bot, you can personalize any conversation with the default Facebook contact information like their name and location.

Engage Customers in their Moments of Highest Intent

Why are Click to Messenger Ads so powerful? Because your chatbot can engage prospects in their moment of highest intent. 

You can be there when customers need you the most. You can engage them and answer their questions in real time in their ‘I want to buy’ moments. 

According to Google’s research, nearly 90% of consumers don’t have a specific brand in mind when making a purchase. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how beneficial it can be to engage customers with the right message in their moments of highest intent. 

But data also clearly shows that a traditional digital ad won’t be enough to capitalize on these moments. In fact, 70-80% of users ignore sponsored search results. It’s official: there are just too many ads online. 

That is why you need to differentiate your brand and stand out from the influx of online ads. You can do that with Click to Messenger Ads. Instead of just simply showing them your products, you can invite them to chat about the product. Answer their questions when they’re about to make a purchase. 

According to our latest research, 53% of EU customers clicked on a Click to Messenger Ad. What’s even better is that 61% of them actually made a purchase after following the Click to Messenger Ad. 

Want to stay updated on the state of social conversational commerce? Find out more about current messaging habits on social and preferences for the future.

Collect Data and Build Audiences You Can Later Monetize

If you’re a marketer, we don’t have to introduce you to recent privacy updates introduced by Google and Apple. The main reason for a strong shift towards a privacy-first world is changing customer behaviors. Customers want to feel safe when shopping online and are more concerned about their data being used without their consent. Our latest report on social conversational marketing shows that over three-quarters would be comfortable giving preferences to a brand in a private and safe way, in order to receive a more personalized experience.

Simply put, marketers cannot rely anymore on third-party data. As a marketer, you know how it affects businesses: broader, less accurate audiences for remarketing and prospecting. 

An effective solution to this challenge is collecting and acting on declared data. This is data directly shared by customers in a one to one conversation between the customer and the brand. 

Click to Messenger Ads are super engaging and the best way to collect declared data. Every prospect that clicks on your ad to start a conversation with your chatbot automatically shares their name, demographics, and other valuable information your brand can later use. And once prospects start talking to your bot, you can collect other vital insights, including purchasing habits and preferences. These data can be used to build and segment audiences that you can later monetize by targeting them with personalized offers. 

When it comes to Click to Messenger Ads, don’t underestimate the power of building an audience on Messenger. You’ll see the real value of your audience once you start retargeting them. Since you already know them using the insights from other campaigns, you can retarget them with personalized offers. In high intents moments, a notification or message sent at the right time might convert prospects into customers. 

You can use messaging to engage your audience at each funnel stage in a one to one conversation that is privacy-first.

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Take Away

Click to Messenger Ads have a number of benefits over other ads. Perhaps their biggest advantage is that they enable businesses to start a one to one conversation with prospects while collecting meaningful data. 

Here’s a recap of the major benefits of Click to Messenger advertising: 

  • They support lead generation by driving more traffic into your Messenger bot 
  • By combining click-to-messenger ads and marketing chatbots, you can create fully automated conversations and be available to your customers 24/7. 
  • Click-to-messenger ads direct prospects into a private conversation with your brand in their moments of highest intent. 
  • They enable you to collect zero party data on customer preferences in a privacy-safe channel
  • They enable you to build a strategically valuable messaging audience you can continuously monetize with one to one retargeting via push notifications 

Want to scale your messaging on Facebook Messenger? Book a demo with one of our conversational marketing experts to learn how Spectrm’s conversational commerce platform can help you grow your business at scale! 

Want to know more about social conversational commerce? Get the insights from our recent survey of 1726 consumers in the EU and US!

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