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Why Measurement Creates Better Consumer Marketing

Gaz Alushi, President, Measurement and Analytics, Whalar on Consumer Marketing
Gaz Alushi, President, Measurement and Analytics at Whalar, believes that the future of consumer marketing will center on creator content and everyday brand ambassadors.

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Ben speaks with Gaz Alushi, President, Measurement and Analytics at Whalar, a creator commerce company. They discuss the current state of consumer marketing, and why so many marketers are getting caught up in tracking, rather than what they should be doing to see more impact: measuring. They talk about the ways in which measuring can help you better understand and target your customers, better strategies for aligning marketing efforts with business outcomes, how to bring value to consumers through creator content, and why creativity will play a big role in the future of consumer marketing.

Topics discussed: 

  • Gaz’s career evolution as a self-proclaimed nerd, from traditional research in a number of firms, to working at Facebook and Snap, before becoming the President of Measurement and Analytics at Whalar.
  • The current state of marketing, including the “analysis paralysis” that marketers face today, and why they need to shift their strategy from tracking to measuring.
  • How today’s conversation around privacy is shifting, and how Apple has become a major player in moving how data is tracked into the hands of the consumer.
  • What good measurement is, and how meaningfully measuring the signals you have can help maximize your impact with individual customers and segments.
  • How to prioritize your marketing strategy, including tying it to business outcomes, the necessity of knowing what you’re measuring, and why solving for one thing can provide better awareness of your marketing efforts than a “boil the ocean” strategy.
  • How to meet consumers where they are, how to bring value to them, and why consumers are responding more favorably to creator content instead of brand content. 
  • Gaz’s advice to marketers, including why it’s crucial to make consumers care, how to better respect consumers, and why ruthless prioritization is necessary in your strategy.
  • Why the future of marketing will be in the hands of consumers, and why creativity is making a comeback.

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