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Make messaging your #1 CRM channel to build lifelong customer relationships.

Consumer marketers use Spectrm to engage and convert customers with AI chatbots on the most popular messaging apps, like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram DMs.


Join the global consumer brands growing revenue with Spectrm marketing chatbots for messaging channels.

Design smart bots in minutes with our AI-powered creator.

Send notifications with 80% open rates and 35% CTR on average.

Get 11x ROI vs email with messaging playbooks that grow LTV.

Grow your contact list fast using activation entry points.

Stay 100% GDPR and CCPA compliant with privacy controls.

Automate one to one conversational journeys across your customer lifecycle. On the messaging apps your customers use every day.

Acquire users

with click to chat ads, organic social entry points, email, website CTAs, QR codes, and more.

Engage and qualify

contacts to understand their individual needs and personal preferences.

Convert customers

with personalized product recommendations based on zero party data shared in chat.

Send notifications

on their preferred messaging app to drive ongoing engagement and upsell them.

Increase loyalty

with tailored and timely offers that grow sales and boost customer LTV.

Why marketing teams are going one to one with Spectrm.

Launch fast and maximize impact with messaging playbooks.

Conversational commerce

Drive incremental sales with seamless shopping experiences and personalized product recommendations directly in chat.

Private loyalty offers and deals

Acquire new customers and increase customer lifetime value with personal deals sent directly on messaging apps customers use every day.

Conversational lead generation

Accelerate purchase decisions and drive qualified leads to your website/app with personalized buyer journeys and one to one mobile push notification retargeting.

One to one digital flyers

Deliver targeted promotions to grocery shoppers on their preferred messaging app to grow repeat sales and increase LTV.

Live shopping social commerce

Run brandformance live shopping events to multiply social engagement, drive sales and grow a directly reachable messaging audience.

Increase loyalty

Drive app retention and revenue per user with recurring notifications sent to high value audiences on messaging apps.

We'll help you build a business case your CFO can't ignore.
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Calculate your ROI from messaging by combining our benchmarks and revenue model with your conversion data.

Scale one to one marketing chatbots with Spectrm's no-code platform.

Easy to use

Build chatbots fast in our conversation grid. Add content, structure data and trigger events in 3 clicks. Launch fast with no engineering resources.

Insightful zero party data

Collect zero and first party data for better audience segmentation and one to one targeting. Optimize for conversions with chatbot analytics.

Optimized by AI

Use conversational AI to identify and respond to customer intents and dynamically integrate data sources to personalize answers.

Made for marketing

Connect paid, organic, and owned entry points to grow your contact list. Automate in-chat retargeting, product recommendations, and more.

Built for enterprise

Easily integrate with your existing tech stack, collaborate securely across countries and teams, and activate your first party data safely.

Connect all your channels to grow your messaging contact list.

Take the pain out of implementation with our white glove onboarding and experienced success team.

Your success matters to us. We take it personally.

That’s why every customer gets a dedicated onboarding manager who has seen it all before. Plus a success manager to take you from launch to scale.

Elsie and Christina were the lucky ones to get on our homepage. The rest of the team is waiting.


Elsie Poser 🌻

Onboarding Manager

Proudest customer moment Launched the United Nations ACTNOW Climate Change bot in 3 weeks, 6 languages and on 2 messaging channels.


Christina v. Meulen 🤗

Enterprise Success Manager

Proudest customer moment Helped Deichmann's digital transformation over last 4 years. They became EMEA's first messaging brand mentioned in Meta's global earnings call.

Talk to our team to learn how to automate messaging into your #1 CRM marketing channel.

Frequently asked questions

Conversational marketing is a one to one approach to marketing that brands use to fast-track customers to purchase by learning about their preferences and personalizing their customer journey in a real-time conversation. It is a customer centric approach to marketing automation that uses chatbots to engage and convert customers in conversation, at scale, on their preferred channels and at their preferred time.

By connecting with customers one to one in a more human way, conversational marketing enables companies to leverage automation to build stronger customer relationships and drive more sales. 

Conversational marketing stands in contrast to one-way, one-to-many approaches to marketing that rely on assumptions about what customers want and push the same message to every individual. Instead, conversational marketing is a feedback-driven, two-way process that personalizes every message based on what your customers tell you they actually want.

Find out why conversational marketing is so effective at engaging and converting your audience by reading Why Go Conversational.

Declared data is information that is explicitly volunteered by consumers in a direct interaction with your business. It can be used to validate demographic data. But it also enables marketers to identify the needs, wants and desires of a customer. It is data most marketers can only assume about their audience unless they explicitly collect it.

Using marketing chatbots to capture declared data enables brands to:

  1. Personalize customer journeys and recommend relevant products to customers before they even visit your website.
  2. Extract customer insights from social media channels that usually lock you out of their audience data.
  3. Retarget customers in chat with personalized messages and offers.
  4. Collect feedback or do market research for new product and services.

Learn how declared data can grow your business in How to Create a Declared Data Strategy For Business Development.

A Facebook Messenger bot is a chatbot that operates on Facebook Messenger. Messenger bots automate one to one conversations between a brand and a customer on social media. They are designed to guide customers, understand responses, personalize experiences, offer recommendations, and drive business outcomes.  

Facebook Messenger bots are automated conversations that can take the form of guided experiences that follow a scripted path with a decision-tree logic. They can also be used to qualify leads and capture contact details. Messenger bots that drive marketing performance the most are able to understand natural human language, using conversational AI to understand customer intents and respond intelligently.

There are many ways Facebook Messenger bot can grow your business. Learn more here.

Facebook chatbots can be easily connected to your Facebook and Instagram marketing using Click to Messenger campaigns. This enables you to automate one to one conversations that start as soon as someone clicks an ad on social media.

Once you are connected on Messenger, Facebook chatbots let you personalize every buyer journey in a real-time conversation. At scale with your entire audience. You can also automate remarketing drip campaigns that send personalized messages directly in Messenger. Declared data from Facebook chatbots can also be connected to your CRM and other parts of your marketing stack using a conversational marketing automation platform.

Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with an audience of over 1.3 billion users. With people exchanging over 2 billion messages with companies over Messenger every month, Messenger bots are an increasingly effective way to engage and convert customers on social media using marketing automation.

Reaching the right audience is getting harder every day. Consumers are more curious, demanding and impatient than ever. They expect their digital experiences to be personalised, instant and effortless. Chatbots enable brands to connect with their audience personally and offer seamless customer experiences from the start.

Rather than downloading an app, making a phone call, or loading a webpage, marketing chatbots can connect with customers easily where they are already spending their time online. Chatbots can engage customers directly on websites and apps in conversational display ads. They can also engage customers on social channels like Facebook and Instagram using Messenger bots. Both these channels offer a convenient and time-saving experience for both brands and customers.

Real-time personalization from the first touchpoint is possible using chatbots built on an end to end conversational marketing platform. This helps solve many of the challenges of complexity, scale and prediction marketing automation usually faces.

A conversational marketing platform enables your company to:

  • Sell more by capturing declared data to recommend products and personalize customer journeys in real-time.
  • Launch fast by designing chatbots and integrating different marketing channels in a few clicks. No coding required.
  • Optimize your marketing funnel and conversion rates using data on how customers engage with your chatbot.
  • Retarget drop-offs by automating retargeting messages in chat that get 80% open rates on average.
  • Develop unique conversational AI that understands your customers’ specific intents in natural conversation. Without needing any engineering resources.

Chatbots can help grow your business in many ways and there are many different chatbot applications when it comes to marketing. Below are some examples of the most popular marketing chatbot uses cases.

Businesses that grow fastest with conversational marketing often combine more than one of the approaches below. They create chatbots that drive multiple outcomes depending on their business need and their customers’ preferences.

Guided shopping eCommerce bots offer customers seamless shopping experiences that improve conversion rates and help optimize eCommerce marketing funnels. They can recommend products to customers in real-time based on their preferences.

Lead generation bots prospect, qualify and acquire customers by personalizing every buyer journey. They can build value, simplify product discovery and qualify your leads instantly without forms.

Chatbots can automate your social inbox with chat funnels that convert customers and respond to their needs 24/7.

Brand loyalty bots build brand loyalty by increasing awareness, offering samples and collecting reviews. App install chatbots increase click to install and retention rates with product education journeys and automated re-engagement messages. Content discovery bots drive higher value qualified traffic by guiding customers to the most relevant content based on their needs.