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83% of Instagram users discover new products in the app, and 80% make purchase decisions right on Instagram.

Forward-thinking businesses have already woken up to the sales potential of Instagram. Join them and turn your Instagram DM inbox into actual sales. 

How? by using various online and offline entry points, you can direct and nurture a high intent audience in your Instagram inbox. 

Download this guide and discover each entry point you can use to grow your Instagram Messaging audience. 

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The key takeaways:

  • Why customers engage with brands on Instagram
  • How entry points enable you to grow an audience 
  • Easily scalable paid entry points
  • Organic entry points to engage prospects 
  • How you can direct prospect into Instagram from offline entry points

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Customers Engage with Brands on Instagram

Retailers and e-commerce businesses know that Instagram is where their customers are. 83% of Instagram users discover new products in the app, and 80% make purchase decisions right on Instagram.

Consumers on Instagram now increasingly use Instagram DMs to connect with brands. They want to engage with brands in a privacy-safe way via messaging. To learn more about brands, their offers, and to conveniently get answers to questions. All on the platform where they spend most of their time.

Key findings from the Instagram DM Automation Playbook 

Instagram DMs allow you to connect with customers in a real-time messaging experience. 

✅ Reach 1B consumers via Instagram app

Personalize recommendations at scale to grow sales

✅ Automate pre-purchase questions to drive conversions

✅ Automate FAQs to boost customer satisfaction

✅ Increase efficiency structuring your inbox

Capture first party insights for marketing & product

Entry Points Send Customers to Instagram

Entry points are various online and offline entrances for customers to start a conversation with your business in a private Instagram Messaging chat experience. 

It’s crucial to use as many entry points as possible to get the most value from Instagram. 

Entry points allow your brand to direct more prospects into a private Instagram Messaging conversation and nurture them at every stage of the funnel. The more high intent audience members your business has, the more valuable your audience is.

Download the guide at the top of the page and get access to an Instagram entry points infographic.

Paid Entry Points

Click to Instagram Direct Ads

Click to Instagram Direct Messaging ads direct prospects into a one-to-one conversation with a business on Instagram. When a person clicks on the DM icon,  a conversation with your business will immediately open in Instagram Direct Messaging. 

The main benefit is that these ads can be easily scaled and get you a massive reach on different platforms, enabling you to drive traffic into your Instagram channel. 

instagram messaging audience paid entry points

Organic Entry Points

Instagram Profile

Use the ‘message’ button on your Instagram business account profile to offer an organic entry point for your customers to start a conversation with your brand right on Instagram. 

It’s a straightforward and directly visible entry point that is placed at the top of your profile. 

Instagram Stories

You can insert a link sticker into your Instagram Stories and invite prospects to start a conversation with your brand in Instagram Direct Messaging. You can then send them offers based on their preferences and answer any questions instantly in their moment of high intent.

All without ever needing to leave Instagram. This reduces drop-offs and builds a direct audience you can re-engage on Instagram.

Instagram Posts

You can provide an easy way for customers to messaging your business on Instagram with the DM discoverable button in Instagram posts. Once prospects click on the button, they are directed to a one-to-one conversation with your brand on Instagram Direct Messaging. 

Download the Guide at the top of the page and get access to images for each entry point. 

Offline Entry Points

QR Code on Packaging

Offline entry points allow your brand to invite customers from offline channels to directly chat with you on Instagram. A QR code printed on product packaging, receipts, or other offline advertising makes it easier for people to connect with your business even when they are offline. Customers can simply scan your code to start a conversation with your business on Instagram. 

The main benefit is that customers can easily scan the QR code to connect without having to enter a long product number into their device. 

instagram business audience offline entry points

Outdoor Advertising

You can display QR codes on out-of-home advertising, such as billboards and subway signs. The main benefit is that you can get a massive reach and exposure. This is the perfect opportunity to turn a traditionally non-active entry point (such as billboards) into an active entry point. 

Connect your offline and online marketing efforts and build a direct connection with your audience even when running out-of-home (OOH) campaigns.

whatsapp business audience offline entry points outdoor advertising
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Launch Strategy

Follow these best practices to grow your Instagram Messaging audience faster with entry points.

✅ Map the entry points on this impact/effort matrix. Things to keep in mind are the creative needed and teams involved.

Go after quick wins and low hanging fruit first.

✅ Involve relevant teams at your company as early as possible to avoid delays.

✅ Personalize conversation flows based on the entry points to engage customers more and maximize performance.

✅ Monitor which entry points have biggest impact on audience growth and double down on high performers.

Want to get the most out of your Instagram DM inbox?

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