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How to Market Your Business on Facebook: The Power of Social Listening & Conversational Marketing

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When done properly, marketing on Facebook provides customers with just what they need. Learn best practices used by enterprise & D2C marketers alike.

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Marketing is all about understanding your customers, maintaining relationships, and satisfying their needs. Do it right, and you get loyal customers for years to come. Do it wrong, and you risk your company’s downfall. It can prove especially difficult in the online world, with platforms such as Facebook serving customers with hundreds of ads per day.
To get it right, top businesses create brand authority by following Facebook’s marketing best practices. When done properly, it makes customers feel comfortable and provides them with precisely what they need. Looking for ways to market your business on Facebook? Here are some best practices used by enterprise and D2C marketers alike.

1. Plan for Every Marketing Strategy

Marketing may be about increasing customer numbers, but numbers without an end goal are only good on paper. Identify your marketing goals and objectives. Is your mission just about increasing leads, or do you want to strike conversations that keep your customers interested?
What do you want to achieve with your communication? Do you want your customers to feel excited, educated, or entertained? In doing so, you can determine how to increase engagement on Facebook. Answering these questions is the first step to marketing your business more effectively on Facebook.

2. Strike a Balance in Posting

Your next step should be striking a balance in your posting. Plan on how often and when you want to share videos or any content that you may have. On Facebook particularly, data has shown that weekdays between 8AM and 3PM are the best time to post your content. Users are likely to take a break from their work during this time, meaning more post views and more engagement.

To effectively balance your posts, utilize Facebook’s targeted tools for your customer segments, such as language and location settings. Share relevant content with the right audience to increase your visibility.

3. Practice Social Listening

Apart from this, plan on practicing social listening to help you determine what your customers want to see. To get started, monitor your customer’s feedback on your Facebook page. Be on the lookout for any mentions about your brand or products. Look into your competitors as well, to determine what they may be doing better than you.
Your next step should be to analyze this feedback. Gauge what your customers want and change your marketing strategies to match your customers’ preferences. Doing this will allow you to increase your customer base and even discover new opportunities that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Social listening is crucial to successfully marketing your business on Facebook.

4. Optimize Your Customers' Experience

Optimizing your customers’ experience is all about improving their interaction with your business online. But before this, you first need to stand out from your competitors. Create a business profile that represents your brand well. Personalize your web address and ensure your profile has up to date information.
Next, create a compelling user experience by creating engaging content that your users will love. Lastly, include a call to action. Whether you want your customers to contact you, sign up, or shop your products, include this crucial feature on your site. Facebook’s call to action button is also key to your marketing strategy.
Ultimately, your social presence dictates your Facebook success, so make sure your customers can find your brand, and what they are looking for, with ease. Optimize your landing pages by reducing load times and create a proper layout for your site to make it easy for users to navigate.
To optimize your customers’ experience even further, take advantage of conversational marketing with Facebook chatbots. Take, for instance, using Facebook messenger bots to identify what your customers need. The best Facebook messenger bot experiences allow you to personalize conversations based on customer responses to produce better results.
To optimize your Facebook marketing efforts even further,analyze your conversation data. Identify which conversation approach delivers the highest engagement. Get a better understanding of how customers flow through your conversational acquisition funnel. Then, stick to what works best for better future interactions with your customers.

5. Leverage Conversational Marketing With Facebook Chatbots

Conversational marketing is an essential tool that can help your business stand out on Facebook. With a whopping 92% of companies losing out on revenue due to transaction inadequacies when it comes to messaging, it’s clear that conversational marketing is still underutilized. Even by those brands that pride themselves on their Facebook marketing strategies.

Slow response rates indicate business reliance on human interaction, an element that slows down engagement with customers when they are at their moment of highest purchase intent. Facebook chatbots enable marketers to instantly respond to customers and increase engagement, leads and ultimately conversions. Response time is critical in determining if you retain your customers or push them to your competitors.
When using chatbots to market your business on Facebook, be sure to structure each response to each customer question. Whenever possible you should guide them to an action that’s relevant to them that has a positive impact on your business. Whether it is a personal shopping assistant or a bot that can answer customer’s questions and concerns.
The best Facebook Messenger bots should be able to respond to your customers’ every need in order to drive positive customer experiences that build lasting relationships and help you reach your marketing goals. Messenger bots offer a rich and interactive media experience that can drive engagement like no other tool at your disposal on Facebook. Let the conversations between your Facebook chatbots and customers increase their satisfaction, reduce your manual workload replying to messages and increase your conversions from social.

6. Track and Measure Your Progress

Lastly, track your progress by using Facebook’s performance tools to determine if the above strategies have proved beneficial. Simplify your process by using categories to define what needs to be improved. For instance, you can track your customers’ engagement and referral traffic, your reach as well as impressions. It is also essential to measure video engagement and ad data to determine where you stand. Use tools such as Facebook Insights to track your customers’ engagement, Facebook ad metrics and Facebook organic reach. Other measuring tools that can help include video metrics and audience retention.
An analysis of your past conversational data is also essential. The customer data from your Facebook chatbots will come in handy at this point. It is one way to determine whether your conversational marketing is working and what needs tweaking. Analyze how they are flowing through your Facebook bot and make updates if necessary. Split-test different conversation paths to see if certain creative works better.
Improve the conversational AI in your Facebook Messenger bot to better respond to your customers. Track unmatched messages and create new responses as you see fit. Let conversations with your customers uncover value and identify what matters to your customers most. Prioritize those messages that are most common but don’t forget the outliers. Those can also have golden nuggets of customer feedback in them. Finally, know your audience and keep track of changes in your customers’ needs for better marketing campaigns.
In today’s world, marketing your business on Facebook is crucial. A well-oiled conversational marketing strategy can take your brand to the next level. Always engage your customers using time-tested Facebook’s marketing best practices. Follow it up by optimizing your customers’ experience with Facebook messenger bots. Each minute matters, so why not increase your response rate with Facebook chatbots that help personalize every user experience. Contact us for a free demo and see how bots can revolutionize your marketing strategy.

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