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Why You Should Be Leveraging Messenger Chatbots for your Facebook Messenger Ads in 2021

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If you're marketing on Facebook Messenger, you should know the advantages of using a conversational marketing platform to build a Messenger bot.

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Facebook Messenger is a powerful marketing tool for businesses that want to directly engage with customers and prospects on social media. Increased competition for the attention and wallet share of Facebook’s huge audience means marketers need to find innovative ways to engage and convert their target audience on the platform.
A Messenger chatbot can help you reach prospects in a faster, more personalized manner. A chatbot works especially well when used within Facebook Messenger ads. If you’re using (or considering) Facebook Messenger marketing, it’s worth looking at the advantages of working with a conversational marketing platform like Spectrm to build, measure and optimize your customized Messenger bot.

Advantages of Facebook Messenger Bots

There are many advantages to using a Messenger chatbot on Facebook.
  • Messenger is used more and more as a business tool. According to recent statistics released by Facebook, more than 20 billion messages are exchanged between customers and businesses monthly. Furthermore, 64% of people now prefer communicating with businesses via messages than phone calls.
  • Messaging helps you build trust and increase intent to purchase. A Facebook poll revealed that 65% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can reach via chat.
  • Connect with customers on mobile devices. Statista reports that 94% of mobile ads are viewed on mobile devices. It’s easy for people viewing your ads on cell phones and tablets to connect with your bot and learn more using a mobile-native chat solution.
  • Competition is relatively low for now. There are currently around 300,000 chatbots on Facebook Messenger, which probably sounds like a lot. However, when you consider that Facebook has 6 million advertisers, that means 80% of advertisers aren’t yet leveraging chatbots to convert customers.
  • Boost results with your Facebook Ads. One of the most powerful ways to use a Messenger chatbot is with click to Messenger ads.

How Messenger Bots Help You Get Better Results From Facebook Ads

When businesses start advertising on Facebook, they often begin with sponsored ads that appear in the news feed and drive traffic to website landing pages. However, there are good reasons to advertise using click to Messenger ads and a Messenger bot.

Not all bots are created equal. Bad bots can create negative customer experiences and hurt your marketing ROI. A smart Messenger bot, on the other hand, is one of the best ways to boost your results with Click to Messenger ads.

Click to Messenger ads are available on the most popular Facebook Ad placements, including feed ads on Instagram and Facebook, Facebook and Instagram stories, and more.
These are interactive ads where users who click on ads are connected to your business on Messenger. Rather than drive traffic to a your website, the user starts to engage immediately with your Messenger bot.
What are some benefits of Messenger bots when built using a conversational marketing platform like Spectrm?
  • Click to Messenger ads and Messenger bots create a seamless and personalized experience from the first touchpoint. You can streamline your marketing funnel into a conversation by guiding shoppers in real-time at scale.
  • Capture every lead. Once a user engages with your business on Messenger, you can see their Facebook profile and information in your audience list in Spectrm.
  • Remarket to anyone who engaged with your Messenger bot for free. Not everyone converts on their first interaction. This is common in digital marketing. Messenger enables your business to retarget everyone who clicks a a click to Messenger ad and engages with your bot.. You can then reach out to them with personalized messages, similar to personalized emails. Open rates are around 80% and CTRs are 30% for Messenger retargeting messages That’s a big lift compared to email, which has closer to 20% open rates.
  • Respond to FAQs and pre-purchase questions instantly. Prospects often have questions and concerns before buying something or even signing up for a free offer. Not everyone is going to take the trouble to call or email you. A chatbot lets them get immediate answers. Engaging with and answering customer questions immediately at their moment of highest purchase intent increases the likelihood they will buy from your business vs a competitor.
  • Promote a variety of offers and products more effectively. A chatbot helps you personalize every experience based on the answers you collect in chat. You can tailor buyer journeys based on declared data about their preferences. You can even integrate product feeds for dynamic recommendations in chat.
  • Build lookalike audiences on Facebook for better prospecting by understanding your target customer profile in much more detail. You can build meaningful segments in Spectrm based on declared data captured in your Messenger bot. These segments can be imported into Facebook audience tools to build lookalike audiences.
For all types of ads, you can boost your results with a faster response. Some companies think using live agents for Messenger is an effective solution. However, not only is this costly, it makes scaling one to one interactions between your brand and potential customers impossible. You simply cannot use live agents effectively with click to Messenger ads if you want to engage and convert customers in real-time.
With a chatbot, you can improve your conversions by interacting with more users and learning from each interaction. You can optimize your chatbot based on all the data you capture. About who your customers are. And how they interact with your business. This is nearly impossible if you were to use live agents. It’s also not possible to optimize your chatbot marketing funnel if you don’t use a platform dedicated to helping you collect, uncover and leverage insights about how people interact with your chatbot. That’s where a conversational marketing platform like Spectrm comes in.

Leverage the Power of Conversational Marketing

People use Facebook to connect and communicate, not to just view ads. As news feeds get more crowded, it gets harder to get your messages across using traditional advertising. Ad creative focused on engaging directly in Messenger via chat stands out from the crowd in Facebook and Instagram feeds. The advantage of talking to customers on Messenger is that you make a direct one to one connection. Many businesses love the idea of engaging in this manner but worry they don’t have the time or resources to manage this level of marketing personalization. A Messenger chatbot lets you automate conversations at scale while still providing a highly personal and interactive experience.

How Spectrm's Chatbots Help You Engage and Convert Customers

Spectrm understands that every business is unique and needs its own customized approach to marketing. Our platform gives you all the tools you need to build highly customized chatbots based on your goals. No coding required. Our customer success team takes you through an onboarding process to make sure you are set up according to best practices to take advantage of Messenger and click to Messenger ads.our needs.

Get Detailed Performance Metrics for Your Chatbot

Like any marketing tool, you need to track the results of a chatbot to find out what is and isn’t working. The Spectrm conversational marketing platform allows for analytics at every level. The audience level provides insights on your wider or a selected audience. Conversation level tracking lets you measure engagement and drop-offs at every point in a conversation. Campaign level tracking tells you how different elements of each campaign impact conversions. Use this data to tweak your copy, creative and conversation structure to make your chatbots more effective over time.

Using Spectrm, you can define conversation goals for even easier tracking of your performance. Identify key steps in your conversation, including click outs to your site and easily track them for even better optimization. You can also set UTMs dynamically based on entry points into your bot so you can track conversions on your site and attribute correctly.

A/B Test your Conversation Creative and Chat Funnels

A/B testing is how you incrementally improve marketing performance. This is not new to marketers. It’s rarely applied for chatbots unless you have the tools to do it. Spectrm chatbots enable you to define different entry points into your chatbot. Want to test two different conversation streams against each other? Want to test the impact of specific copy on your conversion performance? It’s possible with Spectrm by using conversation entry points that give you total control over what customers will receive from your bot after clicking any click to Messenger ad.

Optimize Conversational AI Designed For Your Unique Customers and Marketing Goals

AI and NLP (natural language processing) are often used in more advanced chatbots. The problem is, many chatbots use general NLP that results in generic answers that don’t serve your particular needs. Your customers are unique. Your goals as a marketer are well defined. The Spectrm Hybrid NLP Engine lets you develop domain-specific NLP for answering specific queries about your business to drive outcomes that matter to you. Best of all, you can create your conversational AI and make continuous improvements to your chatbot without having to do any coding.

Dynamically Integrate Your Product Feeds

Customers seeking a certain product or solution don’t want to spend hours browsing your site. With a customized chatbot, they’ll get targeted product recommendations that help them make informed decisions. Direct product feed integration allows customers to seamlessly find the items they need. Product feed integrations enable you to personalize product recommendations in real-time at scale to everyone that interacts with your bot. One of our clients, Telekom, saw a 9x increase in conversions for click to Messenger ads vs website traffic campaigns on Facebook.

Reach Customers on Instagram and Google Display

Messenger bots can engage and convert customers on Instagram and Facebook using click to Messenger ads. What about customers that want to message your business directly on Instagram though? Spectrm lets you automate your Instagram messaging and connect with users one-on-one natively on Instagram as well. This is an effective way to differentiate yourself from all the other advertisers out there and answer people’s queries. You can also integrate your Spectrm bot with conversational display ads served via Google DV360.

The Advantages of Building Your Facebook Messenger Bot With Spectrm

Businesses often worry that building a bot is too complicated and requires advanced coding abilities. Building your own bot from scratch on Messenger is not recommended.It will almost certainly take longer than you think. Without experience in this rapidly-evolving space, you may find your bot doesn’t meet your needs. Your code could become obsolete when Facebook updates its API. Most importantly, you won’t have any tools at your disposal to analyze the behavior of customers in your chatbot, leverage declared data and audience segmentation tools, dynamically integrate product feeds, or effectively retarget your customers for free.

Spectrm is designed for marketing teams to build and optimize their custom bots. No coding required. Plus you get access to our experience customer success team to launch you fast and empower your success.

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