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Introducing the New Spectrm with Enterprise Messaging Capabilities and AI Tools

spring release blog image showing the roi dashboard feature
Take 30 seconds to watch the new Spectrm with enterprise messaging capabilities and powerful AI tools.

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We’ve talked to many customers and rebuilt our platform from the ground up based on their feedback.

The new Spectrm is finally here! 

We know that each messaging channel has different creative requirements that block you from a fast and smooth launch. We know that lengthy manual translations slow you down. And that the lack of visibility into chatbot data prevents you from reporting on KPIs, which is vital for proving ROI of your marketing campaigns. 

You shared your daily challenges with us and we listened…

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our 2023 Spring Release with the new Spectrm platform, with a totally new look and game-changing AI tools. All features available in our faster, smarter platform with a reimagined Conversation Grid and easier navigation.

There are many exciting things on the way, but here’s a sneak peek at the three must have features you’ll be most excited about.

ROI Dashboard

Marketing channels need to be measured so you can prove the return on investment of your campaigns. Tracking performance and KPIs is vital for revenue growth, but chatbot data is hard to report on. Not anymore. 

Now you can track and measure your messaging KPIs and website conversions attributed to your chatbot. All in one universal ROI dashboard, right inside Spectrm. 

The reimagined ROI dashboard enables you to track contact list growth, clicks, and interaction reports. You can pull attributed website conversions from your Google Analytics and have an overview of subscribers, sends, open rates, and CTR.

new spectrm platform image showing the ROI dashboard feature

Channel Selector

Each messaging channel has a specific guideline that needs to be followed. Keeping up with creative requirements and limitations might cause a headache for marketing teams. This can significantly slow down the go-live process and prevent brands from entering into new channels. 

Don’t let specific messaging channel requirements block your launch. Use the Channel Selector to validate your conversation, and get tips to fix creative so you can scale fast to new channels.

Get valuable insights on how to format your messaging on specific channels.

new spectrm platform channel image showing the channel selector feature

One Click Translator

Translating creative for new markets requires time and effort. Now you can forget about the painful manual translation process and instantly translate your conversations in one click using AI. 

Our AI-powered tone editor even gives recommendations on how to improve your messaging to fit your brand’s tone of voice. You can also duplicate entire conversations easily with the conversation copier, then translate them. This way you can keep your original text while also scaling to a new language or channel. 

new spectrm platform image showing the one click translator feature

Smarter marketing chatbots are here with the new Spectrm

AI is evolving fast. If you don’t adapt, you will be left behind.

Enterprises now have the opportunity to use AI-powered marketing chatbots to engage and convert their customers at scale. To personal customer experiences that turn visitors into loyal customers. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our 2023 Spring Release, with a new platform with a continuously evolving set of AI tools that enable enterprises to scale messaging and generate more revenue. 

Excited to try out the new Spectrm? Log in now or talk to our team

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