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5 Inspiring Conversational Marketing Examples of Personalization at Scale

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5 inspiring examples of how conversational marketing scales personalized advertising campaigns that get results.

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Consumers today are more demanding than ever. They want personalized experiences relevant to their needs. Close relationships with their favourite brands. Convenient and effortless online shopping.

Conversational marketing is the use of AI-powered chatbots to personalize one to one conversations and product recommendations for potential customers. 

These conversations are unique and generate customer insights that no other marketing channel can. It helps you guide every customer individually and suggest the most relevant products, services, and content to drive action at every stage of your  marketing funnel 

No longer do you have to use one to many advertisements and messages that yield low conversion rates. Conversational marketing chatbots enable marketing personalization at scale unlike any other format.

45% of marketers say personalization majorly improves customer acquisition, lead generation, and brand building.

Personalization statistics

Marketers clearly understand the value of personalization. But implementing personalization at scale is seen as a major challenge.

Adobe’s research discovered that 60% of marketers struggle to implement personalization. 

You need very specific technology and resources. Solutions that help enterprises personalize content and messages at scale. Conversational marketing chatbots are one of the best channels to achieve this. They are designed to guide customers and offer recommendations in real-time based on their specific needs, desires and intents.

Want to see what conversational marketing is capable of? These are five inspirational examples of how conversational marketing can help brands increase revenue, acquisition, and branding.

1. Telekom lifts conversions 9x with a Facebook Messenger chatbot

Telekom, one of the largest European telecommunications company, wanted to help consumers find phone contracts effortlessly. They also wanted to solve the problem of finding the right phone and data bundle with so many options making it overwhelming. 

With over $80 billion in revenue across 700 stores in Germany, how could Telekom bring the in-store shopping experience online and personalize recommendations to lower acquisition costs?

Using a Facebook Messenger chatbot built with Spectrm, Telekom recommends contracts personalized to each customer’s needs. This allowed it to scale customer engagement and personalization to drive conversions.

The Messenger campaign on Facebook and Instagram has yielded a 9x contract conversion lift vs their website traffic campaigns, a 60% conversation completion rate, and 35% CTR to landing page.

Learn exactly how Telekom achieved this in their customer success story.

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2. Ford boosts purchase intent and generates leads for their Ford Ranger model in Thailand

Ford, the American multinational automaker, needed an innovative way to increase purchase intent and favorability for their Ford Ranger model with increased competition in Thailand. How could they stand out from the competition and increase demand?

Ford used Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform to create the first conversational ad campaign in Thailand. It helped buyers overcome purchase barriers and discover the features of the Ford Ranger in a personalized way. The campaign was across both desktop and mobile. 

First, the conversational ad campaign educated customers about key facts on the Ford Ranger. It followed up based on their interests, needs, and wants. Key buying actions like taking a test drive or claiming a deal were presented.

It helped Ford understand what customers are looking for during the sales journey. Ford could test, learn, and optimize in real time. On average, users spent more than 1 minute in a conversation. The campaign performed better than some of Ford’s best media placements. It generated a 40% reduction in cost per micro-conversion and 54% lift in brand consideration as the first Asian Pacific AdLingo campaign.

3. Purple uses a conversational display ad to help customers find the perfect mattress

The American mattress retailer Purple faced the challenge of trying to find new ways to prospect customers online. In a highly competitive market, it’s crucial for brands like Purple to develop efficient ways to prospect new mattress customers and break through the noise. 

How could they make it easier for the customer to find the perfect mattress and customize each interaction?

Purple built a “Mattress Finder” assistant with Spectrm that can reach 90% of internet users across desktop, mobile web, and mobile apps using Google’s network of audiences. It helped them have a more human and natural interaction with target audiences instead of static advertisements that often suffer from ad fatigue and banner blindness.

In a single ad, Purple was able to help customers find the perfect mattress based on their sleep preferences. It also educated customers about special features that separate the brand from its hundreds of customers. The average conversation time was 1 minute 37 seconds across 2,500 engagements and 60% of people clicked to product page from the “Mattress Finder.” 

The always-on campaign continues to generate a return on ad spend 30-40% higher than Purple’s goal.

4. Happy Socks gets 3x return on ad spend with a conversational chatbot to find the perfect gift

Consumers are loyal to brands that understand their specific wants and needs. That’s even more important during key seasonal shopping events when so many brands compete for consumer attention online. 

Understanding this, Happy Socks wanted to drive more traffic, increase holiday sales, and improve ROI during Valentine’s Day across 25 different countries. 

The solution Happy Socks came up with was a guided shopping Facebook Messenger bot built with Spectrm. It helped customers find the perfect gift for loved ones and navigate 300 different sock styles. This helped engage on a personal level at scale and resulted in a 3x return on ad spend

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5. BetterMe generates a 50% lower cost per install on Facebook with Messenger marketing

BetterMe is one of the fastest growing health and fitness apps in the world with over 50 million installs. It offers personalized training and meal plans based on the user’s body type. 

BetterMe faced the challenges of:

  1. App install costs began to rise for its Facebook campaigns.
  2. It needed a better way to explain how the product works and its value for increasing app install rates.
  3. It had to understand its audience more deeply.

BetterMe launched a conversational fitness assistant on Facebook Messenger using Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform. 

It offered personalized training advice based on each user’s input to drive app downloads. The campaign resulted in a 50% lower cost per install, a 52% lift in impression to install rate, and a 23% reduction in CPM.

Learn how BetterMe got better results on Facebook and Instagram by downloading their case study here.

Wrapping up today’s conversational marketing examples

Personalization is critical in 2020. Consumers want personalized shopping and brand experiences. The most relevant information and content.

One of the best ways to personalize interactions at scale is by using conversational marketing chatbots.

These chatbots integrate with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google’s extensive display network that reaches 90% of internet users. They engage customers in one on one conversations that guide them from discovery to conversion. Chatbots are a cost-effective solution to engage a broad audience individually and achieve specific outcomes.

Want to learn how your brand can personalize brand experiences and marketing at scale? Book a demo with Spectrm today.

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