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Podcast With Mackensie Liberman: Using Marketing Chatbots to Drive Engagement and Sales

spectrm podcast episode with mackensie liberman
In the second episode of our podcast, we speak with Mackensie Liberman about how to use chatbots to increase revenue.

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We’re thrilled to share with you that the second episode of our podcast is live. 

In the latest episode of One to One: the Conversational Marketing Podcast, we speak with Mackensie Liberman, Founder and CEO of Orca Marketology, a chatbot marketing agency focused on getting businesses leads, sales, and raving fans through Facebook Ads and Messenger Bots. ‍

With Mackensie, we discussed the following topics: 

  • The backstory behind Orca Marketology and how Mackensie went from a Cytogeneticist to a chatbot marketer. 
  • What initially made Mackensie so excited about chatbots when she first discovered them in 2017 and why she’s so excited about where the industry is headed.
  • The current state of chatbot marketing and how it has evolved over the past few years. 
  • Lessons Mackensie has learned from working with businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of chatbot marketing. 
  • Understanding the critical role chatbots play in re-engaging customers who have already expressed interest but have since dropped off. 
  • How to use quizzes delivered via chatbots to better understand target customers. 
  • 3 tactical tips for marketing teams getting started with chatbot marketing. 
  • What’s in store for the future of chatbot marketing.

Finally, a simple but genius tip from Mackensie that enables an always on campaign and can be used to grow your audience on Messenger

Use a personalized birthday offer as incentive to chat:
  • Run an evergreen Facebook campaign targeting ‘people with a birthday coming up this week’ (possible targeting option).
  • Use ad creative telling people to claim their exclusive/personal birthday offer by connecting in Messenger.
  • Send a ‘personalized’ birthday offer in Messenger and then funnel them into other conversational commerce + re-engagement flows.
  • You never have to update the creative or targeting and you have an easy evergreen campaign to grow your audience.

Listen to the second episode for more conversational marketing tips and best practices.  

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