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How Marketers Can Unlock the Power of Conversational AI – Podcast With Arte Merritt

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Discover how you can unlock the power of conversational AI as a marketer.

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On this episode of One-to-One Conversational Marketing, Ben speaks with Arte Merritt who leads Conversational AI Partnerships at AWS. Arte is formerly the CEO and Co-founder of Dashbot, an analytics platform for chatbots and voice assistants, which he led to 20,000 customers, 90 billion messages processed, and multiple acquisition offers. 

Previously, Arte founded the mobile analytics platform, Motally, which he led to a successful exit via sale to Nokia. Arte has more than 25 years of experience in the analytics space, working with companies like Yahoo Mobile, Turner Broadcasting, and a wide variety of startups. Arte is an MIT alum.

Topics discussed include: 

  • The importance of analytics to see how people are interacting in conversational channels
  • The power of unstructured data gathered from chatbots 
  • What excites Arte the most about conversational analytics to help brands fill the gap and learn from how people are interacting 
  • Examples of what a true multimodal experience looks like and tips for how brands can leverage those interactions 
  • The power of NLP for document processing, image recognition, and more 
  • The framework Arte uses to manage multimodal interaction complexity when dealing with different partners 
  • Multi-bot orchestration based on persona use cases and context 
  • What channels Arte is seeing work best and which ones he’s most excited about 
  • Tips for how global brands can benefit from a multichannel approach 
  • Why brands should focus on training algorithms over time to better identify customer intent 
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