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What is a Facebook Bot Payload?

woman in office asking on phone what is a facebook bot payload?
Learn about the Facebook Bot Payload and how it plays a role in your click to Messenger marketing plan. Trigger a specific conversation when a customer clicks.

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A bot Facebook payload (or Ref-Parameter) is a way for you to allow services outside of your bot to trigger specific Facebook Messenger Conversations in the bot for a user.

Use cases for Facebook bot payloads:

  • You can use an link with a payload so that when it is clicked, users will receive a different onboarding message after clicking “Get Started”
  • Payloads are for your Facebook Click-to-Messenger Ads, to make sure a specific conversation is triggered when the user clicks on the Quick-Reply or Button in the Ad Message
  • You would like to send a different onboarding message to your website visitors, that use the Send-to-Messenger Plugin

All these elements require, or have an option, to insert a Payload or Ref-Parameter

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