Good customer relationships are important for growing sales in any industry. For direct-to-consumer brands, they’re the lifeblood.

Building relationships with your customers and keeping them engaged is how you build value and grow your customer data. It’s a virtuous cycle where positive customer experiences generate more sales and more data to drive your growth.

If customer experience and data are the new engines of growth, why are leading Facebook brands ignoring their customers and damaging those relationships?

A simple way to test if you’re damaging customer relationships

We contacted 132 of the biggest brands and 110 of the most popular direct-to-consumer brands on Facebook (based on number of page likes). We reached out on Messenger from a personal Facebook profile to each of their US Facebook pages with a business- or transaction-related request.

Good customer experience means quickly responding to your customers. It shows them you care. It offers your brand an opportunity to convert them or build a relationship. So how did leading brands on Facebook measure up against this simple test?

45% of brands don’t respond within 5 days

Responding instantly in a personal way is clearly the winning strategy. Responding within a few hours is decent. Within a day is still acceptable. Ignoring your customers or not responding within 5 days? That’s a clear sign you’re damaging customer relationships.

Smart brands live where their customers are. They build customer relationships to gather data and drive conversions. Users and businesses already exchange over 10 billion messages a month on FB Messenger alone. Leading Facebook brands are in the perfect position to leverage their investment on social media. Yet, nearly half of them are completely ignoring their customers.

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