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The Omnichannel Approach to Consumer Marketing in the Digital Era – Podcast With Cécile Moser

Cécile Moser, Head of Marketing & Communication at Jelmoli on consumer marketing
Learn more about the omnichannel approach to consumer marketing with Cécile Moser.

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On this episode of One-to-One Conversational Marketing, Ben speaks with Cécile Moser, Head of Marketing & Communication at one of Zurich’s premier premium department stores, Jelmoli.

From a background in journalism and PR, like many other creative individuals, Cécile found her way into the marketing space and helped transform a legendary brick-and-mortar store into the e-commerce powerhouse it is today.

She speaks to us about the state of consumer marketing in the digital era, combining strategies between cyberspace and brick-and-mortar stores, and why youth engagement is key to keeping the pioneering spirit alive for a department store approaching the end of its second century in business. Her approach to marketing balances the digital and physical worlds, bringing together the best of each one to create a truly omnichannel approach to personal, strategic consumer marketing.

Topics discussed include:

  • Top choices for today’s marketing channels, and why diversity in your approach is key. 
  • Balancing the online and offline marketing approaches, and how to integrate them where possible. 
  • Planning cycles, the real work of consumer marketing, and how to stay agile while also thinking a year ahead.
  • Digital marketing channels, knowing your market, and why LinkedIn is a good choice for a premium retail business. 
  • The youth factor and why digital natives are crucial to effective TikTok activation, both to drive e-commerce traffic and footfall in store.
  • Personalization at scale and nourishing your existing customer base with loyalty programs, exclusive benefits, and hyper-targeted engagements
  • Identity and longevity for a heritage business in a constantly shifting marketplace.
  • Metaverse activation in a brick and mortar store, why starting small is a great learning experience.
  • Why keeping close to customers is the perfect supplement for detailed big data analyses. 
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