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Podcast Episode: Reach Personalization at Scale With Michael Brandt

podcast episode with michael brandt reaching personalization at scale
Learn from Michael Brandt how you can reach personalization at scale with your brand.

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Personalization is one of the prime drivers of marketing success in 2022. 

Why? Because consumers are more demanding than ever. They want close relationships with brands they love. Seamless shopping. Personalized experiences and product recommendations.

On the latest episode of One-to-One Conversational Marketing, our VP of Marketing, Ben Gibert speaks to Michael Brandt, CEO and Co-Founder of H.V.M.N., Health Via Modern Nutrition. 

Michael has quickly scaled the business to multi-million dollars in revenue including a $6M contract with the US Department of Defense. Prior to starting H.V.M.N. he was a professor of brand strategy at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Michael and his cofounder were awarded Forbes 30 Under 30.

Topics discussed include: 

  • How the company transitioned from a $6m defense contract toward a broader, more consumer-friendly market 
  • The importance of having a broad market vision, but why it’s critical to start with a tight circle of authenticity
  • Why it’s important to simplify your messaging the broader your market becomes 
  • How one day of IRL marketing can tackle months of online A/B testing 
  • How allowing HVMN’s brand narrative to evolve naturally was critical in their personalization at scale strategy 
  • What the future of consumer marketing looks like
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