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Podcast with Daniele Sghedoni about Zero-Party Data and the Future of Marketing

podcast with daniele sghedoni
Listen to the latest episode of our podcast about zero-party data and the future of marketing.

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It’s a pleasure to announce another episode of our podcast, which is now live and available on your preferred channel. 

In this episode of One to One, the Conversational Marketing Podcast, we speak with Daniele Sghedoni, technology director at R/GA.

With Daniele, we will discuss everything you need to know about zero-party data and the future of marketing.

There is a lot of discussion about capturing an audience’s intentions, interests, motivations, and preferences at scale in the marketing world, and in the episode today, you will learn why your brand might value it over any other data you collect from your users. 

Topics discussed:

  • Daniele’s background and how he got started at RGA 
  • What zero-party data is and how it will bring your marketing plan into the future 
  • Distilling and activating data to provide value for users 
  • The role of chatbots in collecting zero-party data 
  • Expert advice for organizations getting started with zero-party data 
  • Avoiding some of the common pitfalls with using zero-party data 
  • The future of marketing from Daniele’s perspective 

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