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Hannah Craik: The Value of Service Personalization in One to One Marketing – Podcast Episode

Hannah Craik, Marketing Director at Riess on one to one marketing
Discover why service personalization in one to one marketing matters.

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On this episode of One-to-One Conversational Marketing, Ben speaks with Hannah Craik, the Marketing Director at Riess, who has 20 years brand and digital experience – both in leading agencies, including Pivotal Consulting, which she co-founded, and at disruptive brands, like ASOS and Heist.

Hannah’s recent work has been predominantly in retail where she is pushing for more responsible practices alongside more transparent communications. Other areas of focus include a broad range of sectors, such as technology, entertainment, and government. 

Topics discussed include: 

  • Hannah’s perspective on digital marketing today as both volatile and exciting
  • How the duopoly of Google and Meta is being challenged for the first time 
  • Why a cookie-less world can be good for the digital marketing community 
  • What one-to-one personalization means to Hannah
  • The challenges Hannah has encountered with one-to-one personalization
  • One-to-one service personalization versus product recommendations 
  • Why showing up for customers with service personalization will up level their digital experience 
  • Hannah’s experience with the chatbot hype cycle of boom, bust, and growth again based on new technology and channels
  • Why it is harder to drive repeat sales in the apparel category and her advice for what can be done
  • How recommendation algorithm bias plays out in fashion and apparel 
  • Hannah’s top 3 pieces of advice for other marketers looking to better meet consumer demands
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